Kira Lamb Wunda Chair

PULL UP SIDEWAYS on the Gratz Wunda Chair

The Gratz Wunda Chair is the perfect home apparatus for small spaces like my 1BR apartment in NYC. And it’s one of my favorite places to challenge the rotational imbalances in my body with exercises like Pull Up Sideways & Push Down with One Arm. 

Kira Lamb Wunda Chair 2

PUSH DOWN WITH ONE ARM on Gratz Wunda Chair


About Kira Lamb

I’m a Pilates teacher and eternal student of the work. My practice sustained my 20yr career as a dancer and aerial artist and continues to support my super-hero aspirations which never seem to fade - even in my 50s. As a teacher, I get excited about using the Method to help my students harness their own unique super-powers. I want them to feel grounded, strong, confident, and capable of living the life they envision for themselves. 


Kira Lamb
Authentic Pilates™️ Teacher
NYS Licensed Massage Therapist

Creator of the #contrologyfreakchallenge



Instagram: @kiraslamb



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