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"As we progress in the Pilates Method, Joe Pilates has us using fewer points of contact, adding rotation, challenging balance, changing level and yet all with concentration and control. Twist on the Wunda Chair embodies all of these elements. It builds off of beginning and intermediate level exercises which prepare us for this moment of trust. Trust that we are ready, trust in the Pilates Method, trust in ourselves. The result is feeling empowered both in body and mind."



About Kerry De Vivo from Excel Pilates Annapolis

Side Arms/Swakati on the Universal Reformer w/ Kerry De Vivo/Erik Fridley
photo credit: A Golden Fox Productions 
"One of the best parts about Pilates is it’s a workout that can be shared with family. Here my husband and I are doing the first exercise in this series which is so “simple” yet so challenging. It is a perfect example of a whole body workout to move just one body part, in this case the arm. Who knew the Pilates powerhouse connection would enable us to simply straighten our arm in this demanding exercise. But indeed we know when the whole Pilates powerhouse is engaged, we move efficiently in all of the exercises."

About Kerry De Vivo from Excel Pilates Annapolis

Kerry De Vivo, the owner of Excel Pilates Annapolis est. 2002, is a second generation Pilates teacher. She is a certified teacher of The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning by The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO (1995) and by Romana Kryzanowska at The Pilates Studio in New York, NY (1996). She has an MFA degree in Dance and a BS degree in Arts Management and is Pink Ribbon Program certified. Kerry celebrated her 25th year of teaching Pilates in 2020.

Kerry began studying Pilates in 1986 with Steve Giordano at SUNY Purchase. In 1998 Kerry co-founded, with Lesa McLaughlin, Excel Movement Studios, a 5,000 square foot Pilates studio in Washington, DC. In 2002, she co-founded Excel Pilates Annapolis. The DC and Annapolis, MD studios now operate as affiliate studios along with Excel Pilates Northern Virginia.

Kerry is co-director of Excel's Pilates Teacher Training Program established in 2001. The Pilates Teacher Training Program at Excel is dedicated to providing high-quality training in the original work of Joseph H. Pilates. It is a comprehensive and in-depth one-year training program requiring a minimum of 700 hours of hands-on training in all levels of the Pilates mat and apparatus work. Kerry works directly with apprentices to help them reach their goals of teaching Pilates. In 2009, Kerry helped develop Excel's Pilates Teacher Mentor Program designed to offer high level continuing education to area Pilates teachers.  


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