Juan Estrada on the Gratz Wunda Chair

FROG FACING CHAIR on the Gratz Wunda Chair

“FROG FACING CHAIR“ on the Wunda Chair is introduced in the beginner system with Frog and Legs Circles on the Reformer.  Progression is then introduced in the Stomach Massage Series, Knee Stretches, and then Pumping on the Electric Chair.  Once the practitioner has progressed through the intermediate level exercises on the Wunda Chair they are ready for 
FROG FACING CHAIR which is challenged at the intermediate and advanced levels working towards stability, strength, and stamina.  The sit bones have to be close to the heels working the arms first, then the legs, with the elbows close to the ribs, without letting the inner thighs touch the outer part of the chair.  If that's not available to the practitioner then they could work on FROG FACING OUT.  

Juan Estrada Teaching - Gratz Electric Chair

Push Ups Front on Gratz Electric Chair

“PUSH UPS FRONT” on the Electric Chair requires strength in the upper body and stability in the lower body maintaining stamina with stretch throughout the entire body. The neck remains long, with elbows hugging the ribs into a full push up while maintaining the heels together which also could be challenging for practitioners who tend to muscle through certain exercises.  



Shown on Gratz Wunda Chair and Gratz Electric Chair with St. Joseph Prep Football Player, Salmir Hagans

Photos by Colleen Meidt



About Juan Estrada

Juan has over 18 years of fitness teaching experience having built an extensive client base in NYC, nationally and internationally. Juan was introduced to Pilates while a professional dancer in Chicago. His mentors include Romana Kryzanowska, Bob Liekens, Susan Moran, and Alycea Ungaro. Juan was a previous Teacher Trainer for Power Pilates and is now a Lead Trainer and Master Instructor at Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates at all 3 NYC Studios located in TriBeCa/Hudson Square/UES.

Juan also provides teacher training and workshops at Real Pilates host studios located in Berlin, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Fair Haven/NJ, Guadalajara, Hong Kong, Los Altos/CA, Louisville, Montreal, New Orleans, and Utica.  Aside from assisting Alycea with the Real Pilates Teacher Training program in NYC, US, and international host studios he has trained celebrity clients such as Mike Birbiglia, Julie Chen, Bobby Flay, Diane Von Furstenberg, Hugh Grant, Mellody Hobson, Alexandra Neil, Kate Shaw, Kyra Sedgwick, Regina Spector, and Sofia Vergara along with teaching a wide range of client levels. Juan has been featured on ABC television and WPIX television morning workout segments, LA Confidential Magazine, several Pilates workout downloads and DVD's, and at the Pilates Method Alliance in 2015, 2017, 2019. He will also be presenting alongside Alycea at PMA 2020.  Juan has had recent guest teachings in Barcelona, Chicago, Madrid, Milan, Philadelphia, Rome and is the originator of Pilates Friends United.

For more info/bookings on Juan’s Instructor classes and workshops:

Juan Estrada
Real Pilates Team

Home Studio: The Pilates Room, 150 W 28th St 9th floor, New York, NY 10001
Phone: (718) 288-1175


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