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Reformer/Short Box Series - Gratz Reformer
Don't we love a side situp? Not only are they incredibly challenging, but they offer a side body stretch like no other. The oppositional pull is invigorating, and on the Gratz reformer I challenge myself to Go The Distance. The length of the Gratz reformer helps stretch the spine as you reach up and over your shortbox. I dive my elbow into the well, and to lift I cue my body to lift from underneath the opposite armpit while lifting my heel in the foot strap. It works every time. 

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Long Back Stretch on Gratz Reformer
One of my favorites on a Gratz Reformer is the Long Stretch. This exercise requires incredible abdominal control, offers a full body stretch on the Gratz Reformer, and will truly help you find your plank for matwork. I love how sturdy the footbar is on the Gratz reformer. It allows me to really push down and into the footbar while externally rotating my shoulders. I know I am secure, which allows me to really create one long line from head to feet. I sometimes challenge myself to do this exercise on three springs, why you ask? Because Gratz reformers require great strength to maneuver. Go The Distance.



About Joshua Keith

Joshua recently received his certification from Equinox Pilates teacher training program. Joshua is based in Brooklyn, NY and is a multi talented artist and teacher with great enthusiasm and he shares his love of the Pilates method with his Equinox team and their clients.

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