Gratz Gallery | Jon Scott Owen performing the Russian Squats exercise on the Universal Reformer

Image courtesy of Jon Scott Owen


"The Reformer is like a good mother preparing you for the world. In the beginning it supports you, then it starts to challenge you, and then finally defy you. It is when Momma Reformer starts to defy me that I begin to grin. At the end of a good workout I love the challenge of balance and control that the Russian Squats present. They draw me together after all of the Splits so that I can walk away strong, living life with plenty of ‘zest and pleasure’…just like Joe wanted." - Jon Scott Owen


About Jon Scott Owen
Jon Scott Owen began his Pilates journey in 2000. Initially certified by Linda Farrel and then Ray Kurshals, Jon spent several years training under Kathi Ross Nash. During that time he worked closely as Ms Ross Nash's assistant for KRNNY Pilates. Jon is featured by KRN's side in countless videos on Pilatesology and in her publications "The Red Thread: The Mat.""The Arm/Baby Chair". Jon holds additional certificates in both "The Work" and "Teaching the Work", highly selective Masters Programs under the close mentorship of first generation instructor Jay Grimes. You can find him teaching regularly at Pilates Challenge in New York City.


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