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Tree Front on the Gratz Reformer

Practicing Tree Front on the reformer focusing on my stiff lower back. I am concentrating on grounding my tree (leg) and deepening into a lifted C-curve without rocking or climbing. I always tell my teachers this: “Don’t let the ideal fool you, but do/look/feel whats best for the body!”

About Jessica Jihye Lim

Jessica, co-owner of Pilates Foundations of Texas, teaches Privates sessions, workshops, and holds Peak Pilates Certification courses. Jessica is a bilingual instructor and her courses are taught in Korean. She is known for the powerful teaching methods she has developed for more than 10 years. Before she started teaching Pilates, Jessica spent most of her life with music, as she majored in Flute Performance. The specific posture required for practices and performances led to chronic pain and discomfort in her neck, wrist, back, and hips. Tired and unsuccessful from trying many different forms of strengthening exercises, she discovered Pilates after a major surgery that limited her from walking for 6 months.

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