Gratz Gallery | Ilaria Cavagna performing the Russian Squats on the Universal Reformer

Image courtesy of Ilaria Cavagna


"Russian Squats: a synergy of full body strength, ankle mobility, balance and control. While the single leg does the hard work squatting on the moving carriage, the upper body controls the resistance of the springs." - Ilaria Cavagna


About Ilaria Cavagna
Ilaria Cavagna, a skilled trainer and Pilates instructor, has moved seamlessly from being an athlete, to a performer, to a practitioner of the disciplines she believes in and trains her clients with. The Bachelor of Movement Science achieved in Italy in 1997, the Pilates Certification (where Ilaria completed more than 700 hours) and the recent and innovative SOMA-TRAINING studies give her an understanding of both the beauty and function of the human body when properly trained. She strongly believes in the combination of strength and stretch which provides the body with progressive lifetime improvement. All these disciplines have in common the work on POSTURE which is key for healthy and injury-free bodies! The gravity line, the way we stand and we move is essential to having an efficient and pain free body.


Ilaria Cavagna

High Heel Rescue

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