• Benjamin Degenhardt - Wrestling Bridge on Gratz Reformer

Pictured: Benjamin Degenhardt and Jeroen Vancoilie at Pi Studio in London

The Wrestling Bridge on the Reformer

Going upside down is only crazy if you never ever do it. With the right foundation and practice... it's just another option to move through the world.

360° Pilates

Developed by Benjamin Degenhardt, 360° Pilates is an innovative education platform that brings the original Pilates method to life in the digital realm. With a comprehensive video catalog of over 400 HD exercise videos, 360° Pilates provides the tools to fill gaps, connect dots, and break down the original method, one movement at a time. The catalog details each movement from multiple angles and showcases the systematic relationships of exercises. In addition to the video catalog, 360° Pilates provides access to insightful articles and tutorials and opportunities for social learning and professional development (soon including continuing education credits!).



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Benjamin Degenhardt | 360° Pilates

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