Gratz Gallery | Andrea Maida performing the Hanging Pull Ups exercise on the Cadillac

Image courtesy of Andrea Maida and Pilatesology


"This exercise is a wonderful full body stretch. Initially you'll stretch the entire back of the body. Then you'll stretch all of the front of the body as shown in this photo. Oh and then, why not some pull ups? What a powerful finishing exercise!" - Andrea Maida


About Andrea Maida

Andrea is a graduate of Vintage Pilates’ inaugural classes of The Work and Teaching the Work, two years of intense study under Jay Grimes, 1st Generation Master Teacher and former student of Joseph Pilates. Andrea has received comprehensive training through Excel Pilates (Washington, DC) and Romana’s Pilates.

She is the owner of a private Pilates studio in Solana Beach, CA and also teaches in Los Angeles at Vintage Pilates.

Andrea is an instructor and blogger for which is dedicated to recording, preserving and spreading Joseph Pilates’ original work worldwide.

Contact Andrea for more information and visit her blog, recently named one of 3 Pilates Blogs to Follow by


Andrea Maida | True Pilates Solana Beach

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