Amanda Diatta Electric Chair

ABORIGINE KRN™ on the Gratz Electric Chair

The Electric Chair is the perfect piece of equipment to build a strong and stable base. The tactile support from the apparatus and the strong springs are giving you so many possibilities to break down exercises for a good and solid foundation in your body. This exercise was taught to me by KRN.


About Amanda Diatta

Amanda Diatta About

Founder and Owner of Contrology Pilates Studio, Stuttgart

“Pilates is not only a job for me, it’s a commitment and a passion. An addiction, even! By founding my own studio, I was able to create my own little happy place – now I can share this joy and freedom with everyone.”

Amanda completed her Pilates training in 2009 with Davorka Kulenovic-Bischoff. In 2014, Amanda founded Contrology Pilates in downtown Stuttgart, Germany. 2017, she graduated from advanced teacher training ‘The Red Thread® by Kathryn Ross-Nash. Amanda is also a certified Eldoa ™ trainer.



Amanda Diatta -
Gratz Gallery | Wunda Chair
2021 Gratz Featured Studio | Contrology Pilates Studio


Koenigstrasse 49
70173 Stuttgart, 
Phone: +49 711 46 92 3422 



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