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"Exercise to strengthen the back and stretch the front of your body with the goal of getting a healthy spine shape"



About Alexandre Silva and TO BE PILATES

To Be Pilates was founded in 2019 in Porto, by Alexandre Silva. The studio has two floors. On the lower one we have the work space, fully equipped by Gratz. On the top floor we have the locker room, the waiting area and a balcony with a beautiful view to the river and the sea.

The main purpose of the studio is to deliver a professional approach of the method, faithful to the source, that’s why our slogan is ‘back to basics’, that helps people to explore all the potential of their bodies and help them to achieve mental health through physical health. Our goal is to make the method known to as many people as possible in our community.

At the same time, the studio is also an official centre of Uno Pilates where we have the certification program to train future teachers of the method.



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