We are excited to announce that we have started our Archive Reformer Tour! The Archive Reformer will be sent to 12 cities across the United States starting in Washington, D.C. and ending in Seattle, WA!We will update our tour map on the blog so be sure to keep tabs to see tour stops and all future fun at each studio along the way!For more information, please contact communityrelations@gratzindustries.com
    Washington, D.C.
    McLean, VA
    Asheville, NC
    Charleston, SC
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    Nashville, TN


“The Archive Reformer feels more firm and solid bringing a stronger feel to the practice.The springs feels with increased elasticity, lighter and smother, perfect fit for my body type (small frame). I like the angles of the handles, it accommodate the hands in a better placement. You do not hear noise with wheels, it feels smother overall. In general it feels more stable.”

- Brittany Laeger

Thank you GRATZ for this masterpiece of equipment. The Archive Reformer Apparatus is a wonderful supportive tool, it brings the best of the Pilates method. Grateful to host it.

- Fidel Garcia.


Stomach Massage Arms Back on Universal Reformer (in American Beauty)

In the Stomach Massage, I feel that my chest is more lifted, shoulders more open and I have a deeper decompression of my spine on the Archive because the lower shoulder blocks give me more room to open up and create space.

Balance Control Leg Pull on Universal Reformer (in American Beauty)

I find a similar result in Balance Control, my chest is more open and my overall alignment looks more efficient on the Archive. My hips seem a little high (to me) on the Universal and I wonder if that is because of the higher shoulder blocks/footbar angle. I may not have as much room to open up.



So far the Archive Tour (U.S.) has stopped at @capitalpilates and @excelpilatesnova. Stay tuned for videos and more from this stop!

Check out the feedback some of her clients have shared so far.

"The archive is crazy smooth! I also love the feeling of my body connecting with the firmer mat.” - Clasique client

"So silky! The silky, gliding feel of my transitions on the AR, plus the former mat foundation, gives great feedback feels!” - Clasique client

“I love the firmer mat! I felt like my workout was much deeper because I was working harder and not just gliding.” - Clasique client



If you haven’t popped over to @internationalpilates @jamietrout, please do. Here are some pictures of Jamie’s clients and what they think of the archive reformer. “How does this make me feel my stomach without crunches”- “I am standing taller because this bar woke up my toes”“It feels so smooth”

Client testimonials have started....CG said, " the archive reformer makes me more precise." The hand position without the padding helped to find immediately the correct position for his tight arms and shoulders.

5. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

JJ from Pure Pilates Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

At first glance, the two machines look the same. Apart from the obvious color differences, it is hard to tell them apart. As you look closer, you can see subtle differences such as the smaller shoulder blocks or the distance between the end of the carriage and the foot bar. I have now worked out on the Archival Reformer twice – and I can tell you that the differences are more than subtle.The most noticeable thing is the thinner padding on the carriage. Your body is much more connected to the machine. I felt like I could get a better sense of tightening my core and pressing my back flat because of the thinner padding. You feel much more connected to the machine and you feel the movement of the machine with your body more closely.

I really noticed this with my foot work as soon as we started the workout. You also really notice it at the end when running. Your connection to the carriage can be more targeted and you can isolate the movement to your core much more. You feel it right through your body to the machine.Doing movements like knees off or the elephant are much more intense because of the differences in the machine. While I felt these movements to be more challenging than normal in my workout, I also felt that I was able to master the move much better than normal because the differences in the machine.

I also thought the that new Short Box Bar was another enhancement. While the length of the bar is slightly longer, for someone like me with longer arms and wider shoulders, it really helped me to reach and twist much further and more intensely. The wood finish of the bar has a much more natural feel, giving you a better sense of connection to the bar. In terms of the apparatus, this was also true of the handles on the Archival reformer. The shape of the handles gives you a better fit and allows for a more open feel for your hands. They also allow you to push forward with greater intensity, allowing for a better movement on an exercise such as the hundred.

5. Nashville, Tennessee

Lyndsey Kennon, Pilates teacher at Sonje Mayo's Studio

Listen as Sonje explains how...
* Slight higher angle of the bar affects Lyndsey's tailbone
* How the gear bar being a little lower affects the workout
* Difference the archive shoulder blocks make in a work out.