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"Gone Gratz" is an expression describing studios or teachers that have experienced Gratz and classical Pilates and have switched from their prior equipment and embraced the original, authentic apparatus used in teaching of the Pilates method.

As we have traveled to workshops and conferences all over the world, and more recently through social media, we continue to hear your stories explaining your introduction to Gratz apparatus and the positive impact on your Pilates experience. We are proud to continue the tradition and serve the Pilates community and share the stories below and welcome the opportunity to share your "Gone Gratz” story –

Please contact or post your story on #gratz
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Meet Nicole frederic. Here is HER Gone Gratz Story

GoneGratz. Please meet @nicole_frederic_lindo .. here is her story... After teaching contemporary Pilates for several years, I decided I owed it to myself, my clients, and especially to Joe to learn the classical Pilates method. One “run” on a Gratz Reformer and I was hooked! I felt the incredible difference in my body from that first session and immediately applied to a classical teacher training program. During that year I was able to workout on all Gratz apparatus and I was determined to Go Gratz all the way with my studio.

My first purchase was a reformer, of course. My clients also felt the difference right away and were happy with their progress! Piece by piece I was able to equip with everything from a Toe Corrector to a Guillotine!!! I am very proud to have been able to make this change as a student, a teacher and a studio owner and I am thrilled to be able to offer my clients the best! Thank you Gratz for making beautifully crafted equipment that closely adheres to Joseph Pilates’ original designs and intentions.

Meet Pilates of kansas city. Here is her Gone Gratz Story

GoneGratz.. do you have story to tell? We’d love to share it. Please meet @kathosbern.fitrd@pilatesofkansascity . Here is her GoneGratz Story...

I found and fell in love with the Pilates method after beginning classes at my home studio, Pilates of Kansas City, shortly after it opened in 2015. After encouragement from our studio owner (and teacher trainer), I signed up for Classical Pilates Education’s comprehensive training program and have been teaching since early 2018. I feel so fortunate that this career has never once felt like “work.”

Though I was trained on a different brand’s equipment (we have a mix), I absolutely adore the Gratz pieces Pilates of Kansas City has incorporated into the studio, and how the Gratz apparatus allowed me to deepen my practice. I am amazed with how the Gratz apparatus enables me to connect to my body and the exercises in a way I couldn’t completely comprehend previously. I’ve been able to pinpoint imbalances and am stronger as a result. It’s been a game changer that has taken my practice to the next level.

Meet victoria batha from the pilate snob. Here is her Gone Gratz Story

Gone Gratz... Please meet Victoria Batha. Victoria is an instructor at @therealpilates , runs @thepilatessnob and works with @alomoves. Here is her GoneGratz story...

I have been practicing some sort of “Pilates” since my early 20s. Back then I had no clue what the difference between classical and contemporary was and certainly had never used a classical apparatus. When I was introduced to the classical system, it all took on a new meaning. I couldn’t even go back to my former studio because the springs didn’t feel right- all the colors drove me mad! Once I started using Gratz, I never looked back. The resistance, the challenge- it keeps me hooked and keeps me strong. I am 100% TeamGratz. Their reputation precedes them every time.

Meet Alana wilbur. Here is HER Gone Gratz Story

Growingup, I always went to the gym with my dad. It was his thing and quicklybecame my thing too. About 10 years ago I went all in on bodybuildingand it wrecked havoc on my body. My love for weight training was stillthere, but the joy of it quickly dissipated as my body no longer knewhow to fully recover. By luck, I moved to San Francisco and quicklyfound a Pilates Studio down the hill from my apartment. Bored with thegym, I figured if anything it would be a fun workout that was completelydifferent than anything I’d ever done. When I say I was hooked, I WASHOOKED.

Fast forward, I decided the best thing to do would be to becomea Pilates instructor so I could teach others the joy of the method.After asking my instructor where she got her certification from, Iquickly enrolled in a comprehensive training program and was on my way.Pilates is a life long discipline and a forever practice that only getsbetter with time. Being introduced to Classical Pilates and Gratz hasonly deepened my love and respect for the method-my favorite thing to dois Pilates. It’s the most natural expression of my soul and it’s such ajoy to practice my passion on my Gratz.

Meet Downtown pilates munich. Here is their Gone Gratz Story

I'vestarted to teach Pilates on used equipment from another brand. I knewGratz from my teacher training and it was clear to me to order Gratzequipment if I will open my own studio. I'm very happy about my decisionfor Gratz. The high quality of the Gratz equipment enables me and myclients to have optimal training and supports me in striving forperfection 😉

Meet amber timmerman from pilates anderjin. Here is her Gone Gratz Story

I love the space I work andworkout in! My studio is in the Netherlands. After years of training Pilates at home with DVD’s, I wanted to know more about the technique andstarted attending workshops. Not long after I was hooked on teachingbut needed a great education. I went to Marjorie Oron in The Hague(Romana’s Pilates). There I learned not only how to teach Pilates but totweak it to each and every client needs. Seven years ago I opened thedoors of my own authentic Pilates studio with the Gratz apparatus andloved it ever since! We have great passionate and loyal clients. Never adull day!

Meet PALERMO Pilates Studio. Here is their Gone Gratz Story

Please meet Palermo Pilates. "My Pilates journey began with the best of intentions in a “contemporary” way. The deeper I delve, the more questions arose. At a certain point I asked myself, 'shouldn’t I know the origins of the work, before I try to modify?'

As it was for the method, so was it for the equipment! Once I began to learn the original method, the only equipment that made sense was the original equipment- Gratz!"

Meet laura melgar from laura melgar fitness. Here is her Gone Gratz Story

I got introduced to Pilates when I was at a Physical Therapy clinic. They had a Pilates reformer that they used to help people in their rehabilitation protocol. It was my first introduction to Pilates and I found a studio near me to take. They had Other equipment and had a mixed style of classes. I didn’t know any differently and got certified there. It was a great introduction to Pilates.

I ended up having surgery on a torn hip labrum and @angiespilateshaus helped me recover from it. Her home studio was new at the time and had a gratz reformer and mat. I could tell the difference right away but thought it was the introduction to the classical method and sought out to learn more. I found a studio to work at that had classical roots and was equipped with peak. I was there for a while and so I invested in what I taught with.

I’ve gotten to the point in my own practice where it’s time to upgrade! If I want it to get better I need to invest in the right equipment for it.

Meet Giulia Lopilatofrom Metodo Pilates. Here is her Gone Gratz Story

Please meet @metodopilatesstudio. Here is her GoneGratz Story: "Love and Hug yourself. When I started Pilates I wasn’t using Gratz. I then trained with Romana’s Pilates. After that, I knew I wanted Gratz. I love it. My body and my soul thanks me to have a choice. The only, Original Pilates Method.

Gratz equipment are unmatched.

Meet Krissy Tate from Equinox Pilates. Here is her Gone Gratz Story

Krissy works at Equinox in Bloomfield Hills, MI. She said... “I was introduced to Gratz when I first started teaching at Equinox. My body has responded the best to Gratz springs. The engineering of each piece of equipment helps my body clearly stay in proper alignment. I love sharing this with my clients.

Equinox is more than a place where high performers come to be their best.We’ve transformed every aspect of our membership to encompass integrated digital and in-club offerings to keep you at your best—all the time, any time.Discover the offerings below, plus The Equinox Standard for health, safety, and cleanliness.

Meet Diana Doody from Authentic Pilates NZ. Here is her Gone Gratz Story

"The first time I worked on a Gratz reformer was with Lesley Logan... One look at her equipment and I knew I was in for a total 🍑-kicking new experience! By the time 'Up Stretch' came, it took me 3 tries just to move the reformer bed. But that was the beauty of the equipment. NO CHEATING! I found my 🍑 connection and sought out Gratz equipment.

Home of theNational Training Centre for Authentic Pilates Education Internationalwe are also training the future Pilates teachers of NZ to uphold theoriginal work of Joseph Pilates. If you are interested in becoming aPilates Teacher or a Bridging Programme to complement your currenttraining please check out the APEI training website.

Meet Aitopilates Rovaniemi from Aitopilates Rovaniemi Pilates. Here is her Gone Gratz Story

"I’m writing from Rovaniemi, Finland. A city where we have a population density of 1,98 persons per square kilometer, which is one of the lowest in Europe, more reindeer then people, the cleanest air and waters in the world. Yet we live in a modern city filled with services. Our nights are white throughout the summer and on the opposite, in winter during the polar nights, there’s hardly daylight.

I opened a classical studio almost two years ago. I wanted to support local production, received a recommendation from a professional and ordered equipment from a start-up manufacturer. At first everything looked good but after three months the equipment broke down. I was lucky to find used Gratz reformers that were like new. Gratz equipment have helped us to feel the work where it is supposed to feel. I have been very satisfied and ordered a Gratz Pedipole and a Gratz Cadillac too. Now I have plans to order a High Chair, a High Mat etc. I highly recommend Gratz Industries. And hope to see you at the Arctic Circle when it’s safe to travel again. Stay strong, stay safe and healthy.

Meet Monica Szilarz from Dzień Dobry Pilates. Here is her Gone Gratz Story

I was a Pilates teacher with a few years' experience when I finally got to Monika Jaworska' @truepilatespoland studio. I had a contemporary background and worked on Balanced Body apparatus. It helped me to mobilize my body after sitting years and years at my office desk and prepared me for what was going to steal my heart very soon. She put me on Gratz equipment which felt completely like nothing before.

As a Romana's Pilates teacher, Monika introduced me to the original method of Joseph Pilates and my body started to change. Not only did it get stronger faster than I expected, but most importantly I finally got rid of my lower back pain, which I was struggling with for long. The Gratz springs were what I needed to build my powerhouse and to feel how much the right proportions of the apparatus helps to connect to the right places of the body. It comes to no surprise I decided to become a Romana's Pilates teacher myself and stay true to the method!

Meet Heather Thomas Shalabi from Flex Studio pilates. Here is her Gone Gratz Story

Please meet Heather from Flex Studios Honk Kong. "I started doing Pilates TWENTY years ago, I can hardly believe it. No stranger to movement, I was an avid yoga practitioner and Classical Ballet student before I entered the somewhat familiar, yet crazy challenging, and fun world of Pilates, which focused on joyful movement in three-dimensional space, all whilst getting my bum kicked by a screaming spring, or my balance challenged by a moving surface. At least, I THOUGHT that’s what I’d signed up for.

After many years of watching my students, and observing my own practice, I began to feel something was missing. I bought the Classical Pilates DVDs by Bob Liekens and studied them carefully. The muscular effort of the demo bodies was different, the movements, rhythm, angles and curves were different. And the apparatus was different from what I’d experienced. Most obvious was that the apparatus was truly teaching the student, and educating the body – through spring tension, different vectors of pull, the use of thick leather and wheels to teach proper hip and shoulder mechanics, surface area proportions, and oh those tell all metal and wood handles – it was all different! I just had to try it for myself.

Heather Thomas Shalabi has been teaching Pilates for more than 15 years.  Her recognition of the benefits of Pilates, and passion for the discipline led her to embark on intensive training, completing her full Studio certification through Polestar, and Traditional Pilates through 360° Pilates. Heather has since steadily grown Flex Studio to become one of Hong Kong’s premiere fitness destinations.  She also leads annual retreats in Asia, and regularly leads workshops to empower people to take control of their physical well-being. Heather’s interest in movement and the body stems from her decade-long training in classical ballet as a young girl, and subsequent daily yoga practice whilst living in New York City in the 1990’s.  

Certified Polestar Pilates – Mat, Allegro and Studio; Gyrotonic Expansion System apprentice; Xtend Barre certified.  200hrs RYT Classical Hatha Yoga. 360°Pilates Certification.

Meet Jennifer Marguerite from dover pilates. Here is her Gone Gratz Story

Please meet Jennifer Marguerite and her gorgeous space. Here is her GoneGratz story... “I purchased the Studio Tower Unit from a friend who needed to down size due to Covid-19 restrictions. I have been using contemporary equipment in my studio for the past year. It’s been about a year since I’ve been on Gratz, I missed and felt the difference! Not only am I instantly able to connect with my core, I’m able to engage the backside of my body so much easier. I am one happy classical instructor!”

Meet Monica Hoekstra from Absolute Pilates. Here is her Gone Gratz Story

After a decade or so with being an accredited training center for Stott Pilates, we made the radical switch to an all Gratz apparatus studio approximately 5 years ago. While I will save you the details to the events that led to this transition, I will tell you that my client base has grown exponentially as a result. While it coincided with a retraining and certification of my staff and self, at the sacrifice of an established career in contemporary Pilates, it yielded big dividends.
Aside from Covid19, our studio is thriving and our clients are at an all time high. Therefore, I commend Gratz for their commitment to authentic and excellent apparatus.

Monica Hoekstra is the owner of ABsolute Pilates in Charlotte, NC, founded in 2001, and the creator and founder of Core Barre.

Monica is passionate about teaching and enjoys coaching clients and students to achieve their optimal fitness goals.  She credits much of her teaching style to her early classical ballet training, where she was taught the importance of a solid foundation & structured syllabus that is relevant to all disciplines of good movement.

Meet Cheryl Turnquist from Providence Pilates Center. Here is her Gone Gratz Story

In 2001 I started my business with apparatus that I bought used and then as I expanded I stayed with that brand because of uniformity and I had gotten used to working with it. BUT, I had originally learned on Gratz apparatus and desperately wanted to go back to that.  2 years ago I started the process of selling my old apparatus and gradually replacing with Gratz. I just submitted an order for a Cadillac and Electric Chair which will make my studio completely Gratz. I love the way the apparatus providers just the right amount of resistance or support as needed.  I have seen clients and my own body change in significantly less time than on other apparatus. And I’ve seen connections get made much more organically in the Gratz. During Covid I brought one of my Reformer/Tower units home... and I’m planning to keep it here because it is the perfect way to keep strong and in practice during these challenging times. 100% Gratz is the best

Meet Julie Winters from JWinters Pilates. Here is her Gone Gratz Story

"I found Pilates at the only studio in my small city of Amarillo, TX, in 2006. I was working in corporate sales and marketing and loved being a client. I received my comprehensive certification from Peak Pilates in 2012 and was just planning on teaching on the side of my corporate America job. With the encouragement of my husband to go big or go home, I opened JWinters Pilates in 2013 and have been blessed with a full slate of clients ever since!

I opened my studio with all Peak equipment since that was the only equipment I had ever trained on.

A weekend trip to Denver in 2016 and a session at PH7 Pilates changed the course. I got to try a Gratz reformer for the very first time during that session.....holy was a game changer! I couldn't believe how I felt that I had been cheating all along until then. The connection into my center was not only better but completely necessary in order to move the carriage in at all. I got to the car after my session and told my husband I just had my rear end kicked we needed a do-over on my studio equipment in Amarillo. (Bless his heart!) :) I started selling my Peak equipment off and replacing it with Gratz. I am stronger now than ever and my clients are blown away by how much harder they have to work on Gratz and they love it as much as I do! The reformer has always been my fav, but lately my baby arm chair has gotten more use and love. I didn't have much information on it in my initial training, so I've loved getting educated about how it fits into Joe's system.”

Meet DENES DREISZIGER from Espace Pilates. Here is his Gone Gratz Story

"It has been a love affair with Gratz since as long as I can remember. Getting the opportunity to be a host studio for the Real Pilates Teacher Training was the push we needed to finally go all Gratz. We are so happy we took the plunge! We can see the change in the way our clients work and get stronger! Nothing else has that unique feel of Gratz apparatus in my experience!"

Dénes Dreisziger
Owner Espace Pilates Montréal Canada. #gratz #teamgratz