Meet Monica Hoekstra from Absolute Pilates. Here is her Gone Gratz Story

After a decade or so with being an accredited training center for Stott Pilates, we made the radical switch to an all Gratz apparatus studio approximately 5 years ago. While I will save you the details to the events that led to this transition, I will tell you that my client base has grown exponentially as a result. While it coincided with a retraining and certification of my staff and self, at the sacrifice of an established career in contemporary Pilates, it yielded big dividends.
Aside from Covid19, our studio is thriving and our clients are at an all time high. Therefore, I commend Gratz for their commitment to authentic and excellent apparatus.

Monica Hoekstra is the owner of ABsolute Pilates in Charlotte, NC, founded in 2001, and the creator and founder of Core Barre.

Monica is passionate about teaching and enjoys coaching clients and students to achieve their optimal fitness goals.  She credits much of her teaching style to her early classical ballet training, where she was taught the importance of a solid foundation & structured syllabus that is relevant to all disciplines of good movement.

Meet Cheryl Turnquist from Providence Pilates Center. Here is her Gone Gratz Story

In 2001 I started my business with apparatus that I bought used and then as I expanded I stayed with that brand because of uniformity and I had gotten used to working with it. BUT, I had originally learned on Gratz apparatus and desperately wanted to go back to that.  2 years ago I started the process of selling my old apparatus and gradually replacing with Gratz. I just submitted an order for a Cadillac and Electric Chair which will make my studio completely Gratz. I love the way the apparatus providers just the right amount of resistance or support as needed.  I have seen clients and my own body change in significantly less time than on other apparatus. And I’ve seen connections get made much more organically in the Gratz. During Covid I brought one of my Reformer/Tower units home... and I’m planning to keep it here because it is the perfect way to keep strong and in practice during these challenging times. 100% Gratz is the best

Meet Julie Winters from JWinters Pilates. Here is her Gone Gratz Story

"I found Pilates at the only studio in my small city of Amarillo, TX, in 2006. I was working in corporate sales and marketing and loved being a client. I received my comprehensive certification from Peak Pilates in 2012 and was just planning on teaching on the side of my corporate America job. With the encouragement of my husband to go big or go home, I opened JWinters Pilates in 2013 and have been blessed with a full slate of clients ever since!

I opened my studio with all Peak equipment since that was the only equipment I had ever trained on.

A weekend trip to Denver in 2016 and a session at PH7 Pilates changed the course. I got to try a Gratz reformer for the very first time during that session.....holy was a game changer! I couldn't believe how I felt that I had been cheating all along until then. The connection into my center was not only better but completely necessary in order to move the carriage in at all. I got to the car after my session and told my husband I just had my rear end kicked we needed a do-over on my studio equipment in Amarillo. (Bless his heart!) :) I started selling my Peak equipment off and replacing it with Gratz. I am stronger now than ever and my clients are blown away by how much harder they have to work on Gratz and they love it as much as I do! The reformer has always been my fav, but lately my baby arm chair has gotten more use and love. I didn't have much information on it in my initial training, so I've loved getting educated about how it fits into Joe's system.”

Meet DENES DREISZIGER from Espace Pilates. Here is his Gone Gratz Story

"It has been a love affair with Gratz since as long as I can remember. Getting the opportunity to be a host studio for the Real Pilates Teacher Training was the push we needed to finally go all Gratz. We are so happy we took the plunge! We can see the change in the way our clients work and get stronger! Nothing else has that unique feel of Gratz apparatus in my experience!"

Dénes Dreisziger
Owner Espace Pilates Montréal Canada. #gratz #teamgratz