Mar 2021 | Seoul, Korea
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We love Gratz because it is the BEST. Gratz has preserved the legacy as Joseph Pilates envisioned."

- Gabi Kim - Owner & Instructor
Gabi Pilates Studio



We have extra arm springs, roll down bars and leg springs for 3:1 trio class. We attach it on the guillotine both sides and Cadillac to make the trio class various. We love it so much. We have trio, duet, group mat lessons and private lessons. We hope to build you a great strength with joy and happiness in your life.

We welcome everyone who wants to workout and learn Pilates with a big smile. We are a fully Gratz-equipped studio. We have Private, Duet, and Trio lessons, and Group Mat lessons. We hope to increase your strength and provide joy and happiness in your life with Pilates.


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    We are fully Gratz equipped studio. We have three 86 inches universal reformers with jumpboards and one 80 inch archival reformer. One Cadillac and three spine correctors, small barrel, one electric chair, one combination chair, one wunda chair, one baby chair, two ladder barrels, two foot corrector, two toe exerciser, one breath-a-cizer, one bean bag, one neck stretcher, and Guillotine.

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    About Gabi Kim

    About Gabi Kim

    Founder and Owner of Gabi Kim Pilates Studio


    Gabi Kim is a level 4 teacher trainer of Romana’s pilates in Seoul, Korea. Gabi pilates studio is pleased to be a training center for Romana’s pilates.Director Gabi kim has trained by Trish Garland (Romana’s pilates level 2 teacher trainer and CA region director)in LA from 2012 to 2014. Since she got certified, Gabi follows around Cynthia lochard(level 1 grand master of Romana’s pilates) to learn more whenever she gets a chance.

    Gabi started Pilates with Gratz and never used other equipment(when she was in Hong Kong, someone offered her to teach with another equipment but she had to turn down because the depth of work was totally different) but she is very aware of difference what Gratz makes. She started her Pilates journey with Gratz and has been always so proud of it. She worked for Ocean pilates in Santa Monica, LA, Classic pilates body in Brentwood, LA. Then moved to Hong Kong due to her husband’s job in 2015 and started teaching at the American club in Tai tam and she had her own fully Gratz equipped studio in HK for 3 years.

    In 2017 finally she moved back to Seoul where she was born and opened Gabi pilates studio in Cheongdam, Seoul. After three years of successful business we moved to current location. She is very honored to be promoted as level 4 teach trainer in 2021.


    We have 3 more amazing Romana’s pilates instructors who got trained from Los Angeles, New York and Sydney.



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    About Grace Hyunae Park

    When I visited Sydney in 2017 for the Romana’s pilates conference, Cynthia Lochard highly recommended me to work together with Grace after I move back to Korea from Hong Kong. But she had another plan by that time, so I had to reap my proposal. Now we finally can work together after several years, I’m beyond satisfied to be working together. She brings amazing positive energy to the studio even in this crazy pandemic time.
    Graduated from Konyang University Department of Occupational Therapy
    Inje University Ilsan Baek Hospital Rehabilitation Clinic
    Myungji St. Mary's Hospital Rehabilitation Clinic
    Wheelchair Rugby Rating Classification Company
    Eligible for Assessment Motor and Process Skills (AMPS)
    ️Peak pilates PPC 1,2 Certified
    Romana pilates Certified in Sydney (2017)

    Kimmy Kim

    About Kimmy Kim

    She was a Gabi’s client for a year. She felt how great pilates is for her body, She decided to quit her medical appliance company and went to Sydney to start program.Under Cynthia lochard and Tamika walker’s guide, She completed the program after 1 year she started. She started working with Gabi right after she came back to Seoul in 2019. Despite the covid situation, she teaches a lot of variety clients with open heart and fantastic flow.


    About Hasook Ryu

    About Hasook Ryu

    She is an occupational therapist. She started Romana’s pilates since 2018 and went to Sydney for Romana’s pilates certification program in 2019. Because of covid she had to return after she passed intermediate course, now she is a certified Romana's Pilates instructor. We are so proud to have her work together and very excited to start the amazing journey together. She is the strongest body in the studio but  famous in softest magic hands on with precise cues.  Can’t wait to introduce her to my all clients.



    Gabi Pilates Studio
    4F, Sinbanporo 314, Seochogu, Seoul, Korea







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