"Gratz Industries is dedicated to making the most authentic and the highest quality Pilates equipment anywhere in the world.
That is the simple reason why I only use Gratz Pilates equipment at my studio."

Ken Heizman, Original Method Pilates

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Across the hill from Malibu, at the edge of the Santa Monica Mountains in Agoura Hills, California is a beautiful fully equipped Gratz Pilates studio. Original Method Pilates offers a true and authentic Pilates experience on the best Pilates equipment available. Ken Heizman, a long time student of Pilates Elder Jay Grimes opened the studio in August 2015, and it has become one of the great Pilates studios in the Los Angeles area.

I opened The Original Method Pilates Studio to carry on the method as much as possible as its founder, Joe Pilates, created it. The studio is designed to offer the most rewarding and real Pilates sessions, classes and workshops available for clients and teachers. “Pilates does not need to be changed. It’s perfect just the way it is”, Jay Grimes, who worked directly with Joe and Clara Pilates often says, adding, “It’s all there, in ‘the work’, just as Joe designed it”. The Pilates system, as Joe created it, contains all of the tools needed to condition the human body to the highest levels of physical fitness for anyone willing to consistently practice and continually learn and enjoy the method. The Pilates system is vast. It takes years to fully learn in the body and the mind. However, great benefits are evident from the first few sessions, and the rewards continue to grow and multiply with each session ongoing, creating a lifetime of benefits.

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