"Pilates is all about strength, movement, control, power, and efficiency of the human body.  There is nothing else out there other than Gratz that fits what Pilates is all about and allows practitioners of Pilates to achieve the greatest results.  Nothing else fits and lines up with the practice of Pilates the way that Gratz equipment does. "

- Nina Narejko, BODY REDEFINED


  • nina narejko - Body Redefined Wunda Chair
  • nina narejko - Body Redefined Archive Reformer
  • nina narejko - body redefined Electric Chair


A Pilates studio located in Rancho Cucamonga focused on achieving more than a workout. Body Redefined Pilates will help you redefine your body and movement and change the quality of your workout inside and out. You will receive a personalized workout in an intimate setting and receive individual attention. Our Pilates studio in Rancho Cucamonga is committed to the unique development and progress of each client’s goals, with instruction tailored to the specific needs of each individual. Private setting where you have an opportunity to focus on you and your body. We specialize in personalizing and tailoring each session.

Body Redefined has been named Inland Empire's #1 Pilates Studio 3 years in a row.  The studio prides itself on it's lineage, education, experience, equipment and commitment.  Body Redefined stay true and loyal to the method as well as to Gratz since the studio believe that the classical system paired with Gratz only equipment is truly the only way to do Pilates.













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