Vintage Pilates

March 2013 | Los Angeles, California


  • Vintage Pilates | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series
  • Vintage Pilates | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series
  • Vintage Pilates | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series


"If it isn’t GRATZ, it isn’t Pilates."

- Jay Grimes, Director
Vintage Pilates



Vintage Pilates opened in West L.A. in 2010 as a place to explore the Pilates method the way Joe Pilates designed it. Joe’s mission is our mission, and the equipment he designed is the equipment manufactured by GRATZ. Vintage Pilates is a fully equipped GRATZ studio. As well as one-on-one and group client instruction, we offer continuing education for certified teachers. Jay Grimes—an internationally renowned Master Teacher who studied with Joe and Clara Pilates—directs our teacher-training program.



Director Jay Grimes began studying with Joe and Clara Pilates at their 8th Avenue studio in New York City in the mid-sixties. Jay began his Pilates teaching career at Joe’s studio, and has since taught all over the world. Jay danced professionally—as a ballet dancer, and on Broadway—for 18 years, and never had an injury. He attributes this entirely to Pilates. Jay is valued in the Pilates community for his experience, humility and integrity in maintaining the work of Joe Pilates. Jay’s clients have included stars of Broadway, Hollywood, music and opera; politicians and businesspeople; housewives and Olympic athletes. He currently specializes in training certified Pilates instructors, conducting Master Classes and workshops around the world.

Karen Frischmann and Sandy Shimoda are the co-owners of Vintage Pilates. Karen has been teaching Pilates since 1996 and has been a student and associate of Jay Grimes for more than a decade. During her nearly 20 years of teaching, Karen’s client list has ranged from athletes to people with injuries. Additionally she has worked with instructors for many years, making it fitting that Vintage Pilates would become a training center for Pilates instructors, providing advanced training for teachers looking to study Joe’s original work. Karen is a regular contributor to Pilatesology.

Sandy first discovered Pilates in 1994 while on the first national tour of Miss Saigon. She rediscovered Pilates in London while performing in The King & I and in Germany while working in The Lion King. In 2002 she began teaching Pilates and started studying with Jay Grimes in 2004. It has been her mission to pass on Joe’s work to her students, and to share what Jay has taught her about teaching. Sandy has been featured on DVD’s for Gaiam and Classical Pilates, in Pilates Style Magazine, and online with Pilatesology. She volunteers at the Cancer Support Community Benjamin Center and is a certified Thai Yoga practitioner.

Our highly qualified staff—Dena Drotar, Ken Krech, Andrea Maida, Nicole Marcione and Debbie Young—are all teachers who have studied extensively with Jay Grimes.


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Vintage Pilates is a fully equipped GRATZ studio. Our clientele—both teachers and students—come from all over the world, and from all types of Pilates training. When they come into our studio, they immediately feel the difference. All our clients and instructors learn how to use all pieces of GRATZ equipment, including rarely used accessories such as the Breath-a-cizer, Toe Exerciser and Neck Stretcher. Having the complete system of GRATZ apparatus is integral to our mission to carry on Joe Pilates’ philosophy and methodology.






1950 Sawtelle Blvd, Suite 185
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Phone: (310) 478-7200

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