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  • The Pilates Center Of San Francisco | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series
  • The Pilates Center Of San Francisco | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series

    Martt Lawrence, Studio Owner and Teacher Trainer

  • The Pilates Center Of San Francisco | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series
  • The Pilates Center Of San Francisco | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series
  • The Pilates Center Of San Francisco | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series

"Gratz equipment simplifies the Pilates Method and add makes me a more effective teacher."

Martt Lawrence, Studio Owner & Teacher Trainer
The Pilates Center of San Francisco




Located inside the beautiful ODC Dance Commons, The Pilates Center of San Francisco (PCSF) serves the Mission district of San Francisco and the San Francisco Bay Area at large with its diverse population of dancers, art lovers, and families.

The Pilates Center of San Francisco was opened in January of 2006 when owner Martt Lawrence seized an opportunity to make an impact on the dance community she knew and loved. After instructing the dancers at the San Francisco Ballet for five years, she was chosen by Brenda Way at ODC to run her own studio inside the commons.



Now in her twentieth year of teaching Pilates, Martt has studied with the best classical teachers in the industry including Romana Kryzanowska, Jay Grimes, Peter Fiasca, Kathryn Ross-Nash, Carol Appel, and most consistently with Dorothee VandeWalle, whom she has been mentored by since 2005. Martt strives to uphold quality instruction when teaching both her clients and her apprentices, who certify with Ms. VandeWalle through Metropolitan Authentic Training in Seattle.

Prior to opening the Pilates Center of San Francisco, Martt was the Pilates instructor at The San Francisco Ballet and San Francisco Ballet School. She draws from her experience as a former professional dancer with the Houston and Cincinnati Ballet companies as well as a modern dancer and choreographer. Martt has been mentoring apprentices for certification with Metropolitan Pilates since 2008 and completed her Teacher-Trainer Level 1 Certification in March 2012. and her Teacher-Trainer Level 11 in 2015. She presents the Basic Seminar at PCSF bi-annually in March and September every year and presented the Intermediate seminar for the first time in 2016. Also a certified yoga instructor, Martt keeps herself occupied with yoga, writing, swimming and hiking in her spare time.



The Pilates Center of San Francisco | Spin Corrector Exercise


PCSF is very proud to be a studio of only Gratz equipment and classically trained teachers. We’ve chosen Gratz because we feel it is the best way to uphold the most authentic classical standard. No other equipment is like it or makes a difference in the efficiency of teaching clients the true method.




The Pilates Center of San Francisco | Carolina Czechowska


Carolina Czechowska
Certified Pilates Trainer
Specialty: Precision and Flow
Favorite Exercise: Back bending on the Ladder Barrel

A teacher at the Pilates Center of San Francisco since 2010. Carro has a very tactile approach and offers a lot of ‘hands on’ corrections. She encourages her students to achieve their goals; both inside and outside of the studio. Carro performs with a number of productions and companies in the Bay Area, including Garrett + Moulton Productions with whom she has been a member since 2011.

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Carro studied at the Royal Swedish Ballet School from the age of ten until graduation, succeeding studies at the Boston Ballet. She was initially certified by Pilates Scandinavia in Stockholm in 2007 she earned a second certificate at re:AB Pilates by Brooke Siler in 2008, where she later on became a senior teacher and Program director of re:AB Pilates certification program.


The Pilates Center of San Francisco | Helena Birecki


Helena Birecki
Certified Pilates Trainer
Specialty: Injury Prevention
Favorite Exercise: Semi-Circle on the Chair

Helena has taught Pilates in the Bay Area at both hospitals and studios since 2000, and at the Pilates Center of San Francisco since 2006. Originally certified by Stott Pilates, she also carries a Pilates Method Alliance Gold Certification. Her classical training comes from Kathryn Ross-Nash, Peter Fiasca, Dorothee VandeWalle and Martt Lawrence.

She has acquired her skills from first generation students of Joseph Pilates as well as kinesiology experts. Employing a keen understanding of the body and an intuitive, imagery-based approach to teaching, Helena uses the Pilates exercises as keys to unlock long-lasting improvements in physical well-being. She teaches simple exercises to create deep strength, and is delighted when students surprise themselves with their progress.


The Pilates Center of San Francisco | Stella Sandoval


Stella Sandoval
Certified Pilates Trainer
Specialty: Training Men
Favorite Exercise: Open Leg Rocker on the Mat

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Stella comes to Pilates Center of SF with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry as an instructor, director, health coach, and program consultant for several health clubs in the Bay Area. In addition to her Pilates Certification, she holds fitness certifications from American Council on Exercise, American College of Sports Medicine, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. Stella has always embraced a healthy lifestyle with a great understanding for the importance of physical movement.

After having a full hip replacement, Stella discovered Pilates to help with her rehabilitation and credits Pilates for her full recovery and changing her body. It was clear that Pilates would become her new passion. In 2011, she started her apprenticeship at Pilates Center of SF under the guidance of Teacher Trainer, Martt Lawrence and earned her certification in 2013 from Master Trainer Dorothee VandeWalle at Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle, Washington. She is honored to have found a great training program that offered a structured learning curriculum in authentic Pilates with over 700 hours of training. Workouts with Stella will challenge you, address your personal needs and invigorate your body.


The Pilates Center of San Franciscoe | Michael Galloway


Michael Galloway
Certified Pilates Trainer
Specialty: Length and Flexibility
Favorite Exercise: Rowing on the Cadillac

Michael began his Pilates training with Lisa Goldin at Contra Costa Pilates in Walnut Creek. While under her tutelage, he found a sense of strength and vitality that opened many doors for him, both in his work as a dancer, and also in his life. He was inspired to share this gift with others and began teaching for Lisa in 2011.

Michael believes in teaching with compassion and respect. He tailors his workouts directly to his clients’ needs and has experience working with everything from chronic injures, to those in poor health, to those looking to challenge their strength and physicality. He works with clients of all ages, and body types and strongly believes that Pilates has something to offer to everybody. He treats his students as the intelligent, and accomplished individuals they are and challenges their minds to transform their physical capabilities. Michael holds a BFA in dance from Butler University and has danced with various Ballet, and Modern companies around the country. He has a great deal of experience working with professional and pre-professional dancers, helping them build the type of lean strength that encourages a full range of movement and heals the imbalances that hold them back from moving to their fullest. He is overjoyed to be sharing his knowledge and love of Pilates with the community here at The Pilates Center of San Francisco.


The Pilates Center of San Francisco | Jacqueline Latour


Jacqueline Latour
Certified Pilates Trainer
Specialty: Positive transformations of the body
Favorite Exercise: Airplane Board on Cadillac

Since integrating Pilates into her daily routine, Jacqueline has seen her body change in profoundly positive ways, from better posture to a leaner body and increased flexibility. She is inspired by the effect Pilates has on our physical and emotional well-being and is ready to share this with her students to help them reach their fitness goals. Originally from the beautiful coastal area of Encinitas, California, Jacqueline has always led an active and healthy life. She ran marathons, hiked mountains, and walked many city miles before discovering Pilates nearly eight years ago.

Jacqueline received her certification after a year-long apprenticeship training program led by Classical Pilates Master Teacher Dorothee VandeWalle and Martt Lawrence, former ballet dancer, Pilates teacher trainer and founder of the The Pilates Center of San Francisco.


The Pilates Center of San Francisco | Lauren Slater Major


Lauren Slater-Major
Certified Pilates Trainer
Specialty: Teaching Pilates to Yogi’s and Yogini’s
Favorite Exercise:Rolling Stomach Massage on the Cadillac

Lauren Slater is a Certified Classical Pilates instructor, having trained with Dorothee VandeWalle in Seattle and Martt Lawrence in San Francisco. She has also taught yoga for over ten years in the Bay Area, her focus is on flow, cultivation of breath, and developing body intelligence. A professional dancer for over fifteen years, Lauren offers a wealth of knowledge on how to safely strengthen and stretch the body, and encourages training for longevity no matter the physical pursuit. Her motto is “When form and function are in harmony, we are truly healthy”.




351 Shotwell Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Phone: (415) 294-3505
Email: martt@pilatescentersf.com
Website: inactive

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