The Pilates & Yoga Studio

The Pilates and Yoga Studio teaches the pure method carried over by Romana Kryzanowska, the protege of Joseph H. Pilates and inheritor of the method. The Studio is fully equipped with Gratz apparatus, the official and original manufacturer for Joseph H. Pilates equipment. The Pilates and Yoga Studio offers the best Pilates instruction available in Mauritius by providing the highest standard of Classical Pilates instruction and preserving the integrity of the method.




True Pilates Sydney

Located near Central station in Sydney, we are a boutique Pilates studio that offers tailored and individual training in the traditional Pilates Method. Our classes are focused on quality of teaching and instructions to the individual clients. This ensures clients understand the correct technique and engagement of exercises to benefit and get more out of their class and reach their goal sooner. Here at True Pilates Sydney Studio our instructors are trained & certified through Romana’s Pilates® New York, the world’s leading certification body for True Pilates - Romana Krysanowska (1923- 2013) was Joseph Pilates first and foremost protege.




Aligned Pilates Studio

Aligned Pilates Studio is a boutique studio located in a quiet neighborhood of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Aligned Pilates Studio is where people come to learn all things taught by Joseph Pilates. Carmen Lanteigne, owner of Aligned Pilates Studio, realized the need for a studio to offer authentic Pilates training as in the days of Joe and Clara. Over the last 10 years, Aligned Pilates Studio has developed a devout following of Pilates practitioners. On a given day the studio is bustling with students training independently within group classes and taking private or semi-private sessions.



Lili Viola Pilates

Lili Viola Pilates is a boutique studio that specializes in one-on-one instruction and small group classes. It is located in midtown Toronto, Canada. It is Toronto’s first, and so far only, classical Pilates studio. We only use Gratz Pilates apparatus. The reason I opened the studio is because I needed somewhere to teach authentic Pilates and there were no studios in Toronto for me to teach out of that had traditional apparatus, with the exception of Equinox on Bay Street which I had just left. Toronto is home to Stott Pilates and their certification school, so almost all of the teachers and studios in Toronto teach this system and are outfitted with their equipment.




Ying's Authentic Pilates

Located in the vibrant new CBD of Guangzhou, amidst modern high-rise buildings, we are a close neighbor to many corporations and consulates. Founded by Ying Huang in 2012 as the first Classical Pilates studio in China, we adhere to true, classical Pilates practices. On offer are private and semi-private lessons as well as group mat classes and group reformer classes. These are taught in English and Chinese. Currently, our clientele comprises more than 40 nationalities, so the studio is like a mini United Nations. Many of our clients began their Pilates here, and Pilates has quickly become an important part of their lives. When clients have moved to a new country, a Pilates studio is one of their first requests! Pilates is new in China and we are working hard to spread the word to encourage more people to try Pilates and make positive improvements in their lives.




True Pilates Prague

I have a strong attachment to Prague and it was my desire to open a studio here. I opened TRUE PILATES PRAGUE in the heart of the beautiful capitol of Czech Republic. TPP is the first Romana’s Pilates studio and the first with a complete line of the authentic equipment in the country.



Studio Pilates

Studio Pilates is located in Sarzana, a lovely little town in Liguria, Italy near the famous and amazing Cinque Terre area. My clients tell me they already feel better as soon as they get in the picturesque studio. My goal was to create an environment where one can feel and breathe the magic of Pilates. We have an energetic open space with an immense window that gives an amazing view of the mountains while you sweat and work hard!



Wohlfühlen - Pilates - Yoga

Our studio “Wohlfühlen” is located in Forchheim, a small town in the beautiful Upper Franconia region of Bavaria. Here we train with our course participants in a friendly and modern setting, as we are firmly convinced that true relaxation requires the right ambience and atmosphere. We are a young, motivated and well-trained team of physiotherapists and instructors and offer a broad range of courses and activities, including classic massage and rehabilitative exercise, wellness and relaxation through yoga and physical training through Pilates.



One Pilates Rome

One Pilates Rome is located in the heart of Rome’s beautiful old city, a few steps from Piazza Navona. The studio is housed in a majestic 16th-century building, as elegant today as it was when it was built. In 2001, I opened One Pilates Rome with a mission to establish the classical Method in Italy. Having studied in the USA with exceptional teachers⎯Romana Kryzanowska, Juanita Lopez, and Bob Liekens, to name a few⎯I arrived in Italy optimistic that classical Pilates would transcend cultures and borders. From those small beginnings, One Pilates Rome has grown to become both a studio and a teacher training school. Clients and apprentices hail from all over Europe, North America, and further afield⎯testament to the universal appeal of Pilates.



The Pilates Studio

Having accomplished her career as professional dancer in NY and rigorous training with Romana, Marjorie Oron came back to the Netherlands with prime mission, to introduce body conditioning method through the authentic pilates program to dancer community and the sport lovers. The Pilates Studio The Hague opened in 1994 (which soon became the first training centre in the BENELUX), followed by the second studio in Rotterdam in 2000. The studio is located at one of the most vibrant area, in the historical town The Hague - only a stone-throw away from the Scheveningen beach. This spacious studio with contemporary urban industrial design, wooden floors, rich of natural lights and soft tones immediately creates sense of freedom, warm and yet offers eclectic & modern feel.



Practice Makes Perfect, Pilates PMP

Denis Sychev opened Pilates PMP, a studio of personal training, in December 2015 in the very heart of Moscow. Pilates PMP combines innovational technologies and natural materials, yet retaining the authentic approach. The name of the studio reflects its philosophy: Practice Makes Perfect. The main purpose of the Studio is to put across to its clients the deep, subtle and at the same time accepting philosophy of pilates. Our mission is also to instill values of pilates, which will help to become aware of infinite possibilities of one’s body and mind.



PILATISTIC Old School Pilates

PILATISTIC Old School Pilates is situated in Barcelona, in a charming location near the sea called Tiana. This two-floor studio is fully equipped with Gratz apparatus and has all necessary facilities such as restrooms with showers, a cozy waiting room and a balcony with beautiful views to the mountain and sea. Because Miguel and Marian enjoy traveling around the world visiting Classical Pilates studios and improving and learning from other traditional teachers, they like offering this kind of experience at their place. They appreciate meeting instructors who are interested in exchanging ideas and in keeping Joe’s legacy alive. Thus, in their studio, all teachers are welcome. Miguel and Marian believe in how important it is to collaborate with the Pilates Community. So, if you are planning a visit to Barcelona, make sure you schedule a lesson at PILATISTIC Old School Pilates.

Valencia Classical Pilates

This past November saw the opening of my own studio. The Valencia Classical Pilates Studio was born. Fully Gratz equipped and at a great location about 5 minutes from the beach. I will be eternally grateful to David Rosecrans for his support and to Kathryn Ross Nash amongst others for believing in me. More and more people in Valencia and from all around are coming to the studio to experience the real work on the real equipment. More and more teachers are becoming curious about the traditional work and the traditional apparatus. Through the conferences and my classes, I feel I am making a difference to keep the method alive. I hope to see you all at the conference this year! June 21st - 23rd, 2014!!!

Vive Pilates Studio

* The slogan on the wall means “Physical fitness is the first requisite for happiness”
Vive Pilates is a Classical Pilates Studio specializing in Rehabilitation. It’s a beautiful boutique-style studio located in Guadalajara, a city near Madrid, in Spain, where at this moment it is an unusual business. Vive Pilates was born from the idea to give the people of this city the chance to discover the Authentic Pilates Method, that gives them physical and psychological health. Our mantra is “Vive Pilates Studio, your health is our most important goal.”




The vision is to bring the real pilates to Scandinavia, present apparatus to a market not aware of the existence of such and the success is a fact! Sportspilates was founded in 2007, but in 2011 Sweden Sportspilates Inc. moved into Svettishuset (The house of Sweat), built in 1910 for health promotive training in Uppsala, Sweden.




pilatesWERKSTATT, located in the heart of Zug, Switzerland, is a short walk from the main train station and steps away from Lake Zug. Clients enjoy access to all the amenities afforded by the studio’s central location and the city’s international culture, in addition to high quality training on premium Pilates equipment. The studio layout provides groups and private clients with a unique space to fully enjoy their Pilates training on a large selection of Gratz equipment: High Mats, Cadillac, Reformer and the different Chairs. The modern decor and comfortable foyer is the perfect meeting spot to enjoy a coffee or fresh drink, chat and do a little shopping — the studio offers clients the possibility to add to their Pilates wardrobe or choose a unique gift from local artisans.



Kinetic Pilates

Kinetic Pilates is a classical Pilates studio in London, England, dedicated to remaining loyal to the method created by Joseph Pilates. Committed to high quality teaching and achieving results, we treat everyone as an individual by giving them the care and attention that they need to progress and feel a noticeable difference in their body. We pride ourselves on offering a personalized, friendly and rigorous approach to Pilates training. The studio is located in a historical mews property in North London and offers a quiet, spacious and inviting space to train, offering an escape in the heart of a busy city (except when doing the Hundred and Stomach Series, when there is no escape!).




True Pilates Mexico

Since 2008, Norah Garcia has maintained a Gratz equipped studio. True Pilates Mexico is the only studio in Mexico representing True Pilates and their way of classically driven teaching. True Pilates Mexico is committed to teaching and disseminating the Pilates method in all of its purity, true to the original methods developed by Joseph Pilates.




Orly Oren Israel

Orly Oren's studio in Israel and since its' establishment in 2008 by Orly Oren it has been fully equipped with Gratz. Orly's students are men and women between the ages of 16 and 75 in various skill levels and health conditions. Many of her advanced students today came with acute health problems - postural disorders, pains and orthopedic injuries. But once they started working with Gratz Pilates equipment they saw their condition improve.



Pure Pilates Studio Dubai

PURE is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our studio is 2000 square feet and enjoys fantastic views over a racecourse and TECOM, and area of high risers. The airy studio includes four reformers and five high mats, and one each of the rest of the equipment including the stunning guillotine. We have small mat and reformer group classes with most sessions being independent work hours for the clients like back in Joe’s studio. We encourage self sufficiency from the beginning and that includes being familiar with the Gratz apparatus and being able to use it safely. As each body is different and needs different exercises, we try to stay away from choreographed classes where the teacher has to teach generically. We consider the work to be corrective exercise and in order to deliver that, the emphasis in on individual workouts. Once people get more comfortable on the apparatus, they start to enjoy their independence allowing teachers to use their time on observing and giving individual corrections!




Pilates Unlimited

Pilates Unlimited opened its door in 2000, and is now a well established studio located at Takapuna Beach, Auckland, New Zealand. The studio is fully equipped with Gratz equipment imported from New York. Pilates Unlimited offers the true teachings of Joseph Pilates and they are dedicated to bringing their clients authentic, safe and efficient Pilates instruction. In 2008 they became a Training Center enabling people in New Zealand to be able to train in the highest level of certification "Romana's Pilates" Independent Instructor Program. Also over the last few years Instructors from other studios have visited Pilates Unlimited - they include Cynthia Lochard, Jerome Weinberg, Noel Chase, Zoe Greco, Tamika Walker, Zanzi Mann, Kristen Zehnder, and Lea Francis. "We really enjoy having teachers visit the studio and it was a real pleasure in 2004 when Romana came to visit," says Carole.




Integrated Body Arts Pilates

Integrated Body Arts pioneered Pilates in the Philippines in 1996. It is a fully equipped Pilates studio that prides itself on its commitment to personalized attention and intelligent teaching by Romana's Pilates® certified instructors. They believe that no two bodies are the same, and their mission is to work with each client as an individual with unique needs and goals.




Pilates Corps, Inc

Pilates Corps in Scottsdale, Arizona opened three and half years ago and is one of only a handful of studios in the Phoenix Valley that teaches the true and original method of Pilates as taught by Romana Kryzanowska. This studio is exclusively furnished with Gratz equipment and only works with the best instructors - Beth Bliss, Pratibha Noggle, and Pamela More.

Pureformance Pilates Studio

PUREformance Pilates Studio is located in a remarkably quiet oasis like enclave in the busy city of Tempe, Arizona. Centrally located west of the 101 on McClintock Drive, just south of Warner Road, the address is 9030 S. McClintock Drive, Ste. 102, Tempe, AZ 85284. On the corner of an eclectic assortment of health and beauty businesses, the studio's outside walls are all glass, allowing for natural light and a Zen like atmosphere.



Kara Wily Pilates

Kara Wily's studio in Los Angeles is fully equipped with Gratz since its' establishment in 2008. Kara's plan to open a studio dates back to 1996, when she helped Colleen Glenn open Glenn Studio in Dallas, Texas. The studio is approximately 600 sq. ft. of well-equipped space located in Larchmount Village just north of Rosewood Avenue. Two Reformers, two Cadillacs, Pedi Pole, Wunda Chair, two Raised Mats and Magic Circles are regularly employed in the workouts. Lessons are taught on the basis of your conditioning and goals, all equipment is employed regularly based on your body's needs.

Pilates Avenue

I opened Pilates Avenue in 2013, in a small space near downtown Los Gatos, California. We are an hour south of San Francisco in an area known as “Silicon Valley” because of all the hi­tech companies in the region. It’s a humble little neighborhood place, welcoming and intimate. Pilates Avenue is equipped with one of everything, all made by Gratz. We teach only private sessions here. It is a luxury to be able to give our clients undivided attention. I have two other instructors here: Shannon Bynum and Lisa Press. We are all classically trained.

Pilates Essence

Pilates Essence is a Classical Pilates Studio in the heart of West Los Angeles, near Santa Monica. Pilates Essence is a unique, boutique style studio. It is beautiful, peaceful, and quaint. With no background music, phones ringing, or overhearing the conversation of others. It is best described as a clean, distraction free studio. A place where clients can forget about his/her life for one hour, concentrate and focus on making that mind-body-soul connection. Pilates Essence offers Private and Semi-Private sessions only. There are no more than two people in a session. There is only one instructor at a time teaching. The integrity of Pilates Essence is about giving the client a quality session. Pilates Essence is about building long term relationships with their clients. Mia knew the importance of surrounding herself with teachers who taught Classical Pilates, and had GRATZ equipment. When she realized back in 2006 that there weren't many Classical Studios, she had to open here own studio.

S6 Fitness

When taught and applied properly, Pilates has proven itself to be an extremely effective and safe method of exercise for over 80 years. Chris is a purist, he teaches the Pilates method, as taught by Joseph Pilates. He also uses the same principles of “the method” with other modalities of exercise (kettlebells, muay thai, sprinting, functional and traditional training). Each movement during the training session is initialized by the CORE muscle group (including the abdominal region, inner thighs and gluteus maximus) in order to protect and lengthen the spine.

Studio B Pilates

Studio B Pilates is a beautiful private classical Pilates studio located in the West San Fernando Valley town of Woodland Hills, California. Studio B Pilates offer private, duets, and mat classes. Pilates is a whole body exercise. From the first supine exercise to the final standing work, it is about moving the body as a whole from the Powerhouse. The Powerhouse is the central terminal from which all movement flows. In the end, Pilates creates a strong, flexible and responsive body for a lifetime of activity and well-being.

The Pilates Center Of San Francisco

Located inside the beautiful ODC Dance Commons, The Pilates Center of San Francisco (PCSF) serves the Mission district of San Francisco and the San Francisco Bay Area at large with its diverse population of dancers, art lovers, and families. The Pilates Center of San Francisco was opened in January of 2006 when owner Martt Lawrence seized an opportunity to make an impact on the dance community she knew and loved. After instructing the dancers at the San Francisco Ballet for five years, she was chosen by Brenda Way at ODC to run her own studio inside the commons.

Vintage Pilates

Vintage Pilates opened in West L.A. in 2010 as a place to explore the Pilates method the way Joe Pilates designed it. Joe’s mission is our mission, and the equipment he designed is the equipment manufactured by GRATZ. Vintage Pilates is a fully equipped GRATZ studio. As well as one-on-one and group client instruction, we offer continuing education for certified teachers. Jay Grimes—an internationally renowned Master Teacher who studied with Joe and Clara Pilates—directs our teacher-training program.

Winsor Pilates

In 1990 Mari opened her first studio in West Hollywood, California and in 1998 Mari opened her second studio in a wonderful location in Santa Monica, California. She takes great pride in having two studios outfitted with Gratz because it makes her feel closer to the work.




Studiotelluride is an authentic classical Pilates studio in beautiful downtown Telluride, Colorado. It is the only authentic studio on the western slope of the State dedicated to the original Pilates method developed by Joseph Pilates - the traditional system of body conditioning that, over the past 80 years, has helped millions of people improve their physical health, their mental and emotional outlook, their energy level and much more. Our studio is committed to deliver the best fitness instruction by always addressing our client's needs using the original Gratz equipment.



Pilates Barn

Pilates Barn is a boutique style studio located on the shoreline town of Madison, Connecticut. Opened in June 2011, Pilates Barn is one of the few studios in Connecticut that teaches the true original method of Joseph Pilates. The studio is exclusively equipped with Gratz, using the original specifications that Joseph Pilates intended to work in concert with his exercises. The Gratz equipment is bathed in sunlight with a relaxing wall water fall at the center of the studio. The soft yellow pine floors feel like butter to your feet. The intimate setting makes for a perfect environment for your workout.

The Art Of Control

To separate Studio, People, and Equipment for The Art of Control, it would unravel the essence of what The Art of Control is all about and its history! As this story goes, Bill Bales, Dean of Dance at the State University of New York at Purchase (SUNY Purchase), personally invited Romana Kryzanowska to teach at SUNY Purchase in 1976; it would become one of the first satellite Pilates Studios...fulfilling one of Joseph Pilates’ dreams - to see Contrology taught in a school system. Well! As Romana is not one for doing things half-hearted, nor for settling for second best, she not only showed up ready to teach, but she brought along with her some of the original Gratz Equipment from the New York Studio!



Capital Pilates Studio

Capital Pilates Studio was founded on November 20, 2009 in Washington, D.C. We are currently located at 4900 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Suite 310 Washington, DC 20016. Capital Pilates’ mission and commitment is to maintain the original work of Joseph Pilates.



Gadar Pilates

Pilates Personal Training is a private Pilates studio based in Sarasota, Florida and is owned by Christina Maria Gadar. The studio has been specializing exclusively in private instruction of the original Pilates Method since 2000. From the tiny 5 inch toe exerciser apparatus all the way to the 6 1/2 foot tall Cadillac apparatus, the studio has the very best in Gratz brand equipment. The studio features vaulted ceilings, bamboo floors, plenty of natural light, replicas of the original anatomy posters displayed in Joseph Pilates' New York studio, and a poster featuring Joseph Pilates himself doing a work out. Most importantly, there is always an up-to-date certificate of continuing education on display in the studio. As a second generation certified Pilates instructor, Christina promises her clients that they weill recieve Pilates instruction in its purest form, as Joseph Pilates delivered it to Romana Kryzanowska, and as Romana delivered it to Christina.

Pilates in Paradise

Pilates in Paradise is located in the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys are a long string of islands (spanning 120 miles) off the southern tip of Florida. There are over 80 islands connected by over 40 bridges. We have only 75,000 full time residents, but will entertain over 3 million visitors, including our seasonal residents. Pilates in Paradise has 4 locations, Ocean Reef, Key Largo, Islamorada, and Marathon. The studios are 30-45 miles apart. Each studio has a completely different look and feel.

  • Ocean Reef
  • Key Largo
  • Islamorada
  • Marathon
The Pilates Loft

For the past twelve years, The Pilates Loft had one location in the heart of Orlando, Florida. Owner Jennifer O’Mara opened the studio in 2003 and it quickly became one of the premier Pilates studio in Central Florida. Jennifer’s background is firmly placed in Exercise Physiology with an emphasis in Physical Therapy. She studied Pilates under and was certified by Romana Kyrzanowska, Joseph Pilates’ protégé, in 2000. Jennifer always wanted to own her own business and opening a pilates studio fulfilled not only her entrepreneurial spirit but also her desire to help people achieve a higher level of health and wellness. The Pilates Loft Orlando was named a Certifying Center for the United States Pilates Association (USPA) and Jennifer a Teacher of Teachers.


Our Fort Lauderdale Pilates studio is an oasis of health with 3,500 sq. feet of space that includes a sauna, barre room, Spinning bikes, Gratz equipment and more. Good health is a lifestyle that is constantly changing, a dynamic entity that involves Nutrition, Stress management, good Sleep habits and exercise. Together, these things make for a beautiful body and a beautiful mind. At our Fort Lauderdale Pilates studio, we focus on examining and improving all of these areas. As well as an anti-aging approach to molding a healthy body and strong mind through nutrition and exercise.



Classic Pilates

In 2008 Pam McNeil and Kathryn Schumann opened Classic Pilates in Oak park, Illinois to bring authentic Pilates training to the near western suburbs of Chicago. Its a small but airy space we all enjoy coming into. Our clientele include dancers, cross-training young professionals, gracefully aging baby boomers well as our dear elderly friends. Pilates is exercise for life and all of our varied clients benefit from their tailor made work outs. Our studio is staffed by six Romana's Pilates certified instructors who have been studying and teaching together for 15 years in the Chicago area. We owe a large debt of gratitude to Romana Kryzanowska, Sari Mejia-Santo, and Juanita Lopez for providing us a top notch Pilates education that we enjoy sharing with others.

Galter Lifecenter

The Pilates Studio at Galter LifeCenter is fully equipped with Gratz apparatus. Galter LifeCenter is a 69,000 square foot medically based fitness facility on the north side of Chicago that opened in 1991. Pilates started here in 2000 with one reformer and has been growing ever since. Galter LifeCenter is the only hospital based fitness center in Illinois that is certified through the Medical Fitness Association; an accreditation earned in 2010. Also housed here is the Physical Therapy Department and Balance Center of Swedish Covenant Hospital, of which we cross refer. We value having the ability to offer a continuum of care to our members and guests. The staff at Galter LifeCenter are proud to offer Pilates privates, duets, trios, mat classes and workshops. The Pilates clientele include people from the ages of 13-85. There are athletes, boxers, football players, hockey players, golfers, teachers, lawyers, executive, doctors, chiropractors, stay a home mothers and retirees; people from all walks of life.

Pilates Center Of The North Shore

We are proud to announce out studio celebrates 15 years of teaching the Joseph Pilates Method of Physical and Mental Conditioning, June 2012. The studio is second only to the original Pilates Studio of the Midwest, where clients came from all over the USA to train and learn to become teachers. The town of Highland Park, Illinois is considered the North Shore of Chicago. Our studio is 1500 square feet and we are proud to have Gratz equipment.

The Pilates Core

The Pilates Core, established in 2002, is a classically trained Pilates studio in LaGrange, Illinois a beautiful village West of Chicago. To instill the Pilates integrity, the studio is limited to private and semi private instruction and classes are small group. The Pilates Core also offers a variety of workshops throughout the year as well as a teacher training program. The studio is fully equipped with Gratz equipment. Choice of equipment can be critical and The Pilates Core is happy to say they have the best.



The Pilates Center At Goucher College

We are proud to feature our first collegiate Pilates studio fully equipped with Gratz apparatus. The Pilates Center at Goucher College is located in Baltimore, Maryland and is a great example of what a Pilates program can bring to an educational organization. In its establishment in 1997, with Founder Elizabeth Ahearn, it became the first Romana's Pilates studio in Maryland. It has developed and held a level of excellence with current director Amelia Riley and list of talented instructors. The Pilates Center caters to a wide range of clientele including women and men, ages 16-92, from those that are challenged with MS, to those ex-dancers that just can't stop moving, and faculty to alumni who are pleased to have them on campus.



American Body Tech

My studio is located in Allendale, New Jersey. It is a home studio. At the time I opened my children were small and it was the only way I could be a full time mother and you can't beat the commute!

Anthony Rabara Pilates Studio

Anthony left the New York studio in 1987 and opened his studio in Princeton. Its current location is 392 Wall Street, Princeton, NJ 08540, in Research Park on Route 206. Since his move to Princeton, he has taught movement courses in local colleges and preparatory schools. As a recognized member of the Pilates community, he has led support groups in fibromyalgia and worked with wellness practitioners and other certified Pilates studios in many parts of the country.

The Pilates Haus

The Pilates Haus is a fully equipped Pilates studio with all Gratz Apparatus. The studio is located in historic downtown Jersey City, NJ, founded by Master Teacher, Brett Howard, in 2004. The Pilates Haus is a training center of the United States Pilates Association™, a licensee of the New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Certification Program which is the first and oldest professional Pilates training program in the world. The mission of the U.S.P.A.™ is to preserve and continue to promote the highest standards in Pilates and professional training for future generations. Only Authentic Pilates™ certified instructors, who have completed the 675 hours hands-on training program, are teaching at the Pilates Haus. The Pilates Haus' mission is to preserve and perpetuate Joseph Pilates original system of body conditioning and physical culture.



Bodytonic Pilates Gymnasium

BodyTonic specializes in private, semi-private, and group class training on the Pilates equipment. These versatile pieces of equipment – the reformer, cadillac, chairs and barrels – use spring resistance to simultaneously lengthen, strengthen and tone your muscles. With a repertoire of over 500 exercises, the Pilates equipment will challenge and invigorate both your mind and body.

Pilates 66

Founded in 2004 by Sylvia Hyman, Pilates on 66 has been a home to personal Pilates instruction in New York’s Upper East Side. Since 2011 Victoria Torrie-Capan has continued leading the studio focusing on the personal development of each individual client and teacher. The studio is committed to the unique development and progress of each client’s goals, with instruction tailored to the specific needs of each individual. Redefine your body and movement; change the quality of your workout inside and out.

Pilates Challenge

At Pilates Challenge we focus on our clients’ individual needs and goals and we take tremendous satisfaction in seeing them progress. Our studio, our talented instructors, our approach to Pilates, our superb Gratz apparatus, and our emphasis on client service have brought us a loyal and enthusiastic clientele from the moment we opened our doors in January 2012. One of the most exciting steps in preparing to open the studio were our visits to the Gratz factory here in New York City, where we saw Gratz’s skilled craftsmen at work. This gave us an even deeper appreciation of the detailed work and dedication that go into every single piece of Gratz equipment. We love visitors, so please feel free to stop by Pilates Challenge to see our studio and watch us putting our Gratz equipment into action to fulfill our motto: “Strengthen your body. Focus your mind. Challenge your spirit!”

re:Ab Pilates

In the summer of 1997, Brooke Siler opened re:AB®, a stylish studio specializing in the authentic Pilates Method of Body Conditioning. re:AB® has grown to become New York City’s most successful studio for authentic Pilates training. re:AB® combines down home charm with city sophistication. The relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere and high degree of quality teaching has earned unparalleled praise from both clients and the press. Since the opening of re:AB®, Brooke and the studio have been recognized in national and international publications from Vogue and Glamour to New York and People. re:AB® is dedicated to bringing you the purest, safest, most efficient Pilates instruction available anywhere today. It offers the feeling of home without sacrificing any of its professionalism. An abundantly friendly staff, top-notch authentically certified Pilates instructors, and amenities galore add to the winning atmosphere of re:AB®, but results are what keep clients coming back for more.

Rhinebeck Pilates

Rhinebeck Pilates is a classical pilates studio, fully equipped with all Gratz apparatus. The studio opened in 2003 and is located in the center of the historic village of Rhinebeck, in upstate New York. The studio features all Gratz apparatus: Reformers, Towers, a Cadillac, a Wunda Chair, a High Chair, Ladder Barrels, Spine Correctors, Small Barrels, a Pedi-pole, Foot Correctors, Push Up Bars, and Magic Circles. The studio offers private, duet, and trio sessions as well as small group classes.

In the years since opening it’s doors, Rhinebeck Pilates has become known as a friendly studio for pilates students, it’s knowledgeable instructors, and also as a place for teachers come and learn, practice, and study pilates together. We have hosted guest teachers such as Sean Gallagher, Junghee Won, Simona Ciprani, Enja Schenck, and Jennifer DeLuca for workshops that bring teachers in together as community.

Rhinebeck Pilates won and was featured in Hudson Valley Magazine’s annual, “Best of the Hudson Valley” issue in 2008, 2012, 2013, 2015.

The Center Studio

The Center Studio is located inside JCC Manhattan on the Upper West Side. We are a boutique studio that offers private and semi-private instruction. Our team of instructors includes former and current professional dancers and athletes, as well as instructors who have been teaching for over 20 years.

The Center Studio opened in July 2005, when I saw an opportunity in my neighborhood and a community within the JCC that could embrace a Pilates studio. We have clients who have been with us for over 10 years, and others who frequent the JCC as Nursery School Parents or as part of their Parkinson Wellness Initiative, and are able to make Pilates part of their self-care.

Uptown Pilates

Uptown Pilates’ mission is to provide the highest quality Pilates instruction in a studio of unparalleled stylishness. Our instructors are all unsurpassable in their dedication to the clients and to the Authentic Pilates Method we teach and practice. The combination of feeling your body strengthen and the pleasure of practicing Pilates in such a serene environment is what keeps clients coming back for more and makes Uptown Pilates supreme in the industry. Uptown Pilates is fully equipped with Gratz equipment in all three of their studios since it’s establishment in 2004. They have locations on Manhattan’s Upper Westside, Upper Eastside and in Sag Harbor.



Clasique Acupuncture & Pilates Studio

At Clasique Acupuncture & Pilates Studio we inspire people to find their own energetic wellness. Our studio proudly offers two distinct, yet deeply interwoven, modalities of healing. Our acupuncture training is rooted in Classical Chinese medicine. Our Classical Pilates teaching is directly tied to master teacher Dorothee VandeWalle and our studio offerings include private and semiprivate lessons, and small group equipment and mat classes. Clasique is a fully equipped Pilates studio with all Gratz apparatus. The space is bright, the professionals are talented and compassionate, and the clients leave feeling strong and empowered.

RISE: Authentic Pilates

RISE: Authentic Pilates is an urban Pilates studio located in the heart of downtown Asheville, North Carolina. We are dedicated to teaching the Authentic Pilates method developed by Joe Pilates focusing on individualized attention, small-group training, and building strong relationships within our vibrant community. We like to spoil our clients by providing a relaxed and unpretentious environment while continuing to uphold the highest standards within the Classical Pilates industry. At RISE, our talented instructors support both men and women to develop an empowering fitness routine for life. We specialize in teaching Classical Pilates to everyday people so that anyone with a little dedication and hard work can start to feel stronger and better in their bodies. We pride ourselves in helping individuals integrate Pilates into their daily routines and lifestyles so they can see the benefits of enhanced strength and a greater mind body connection. Our approach towards functional fitness helps educate clients to understand that Pilates can rival the strength, stretch, and control of almost any rigorous exercise program available while reducing their incidence of injury. RISE teaches the Pilates method to a diverse spectrum of people by reaching outside the doors of the studio and providing mobile services to locations such as The Country Club of Asheville and Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (College for Seniors) at University of North Carolina-Asheville. RISE: Authentic Pilates is also proud to be an affiliate of the Authentic Pilates Union.



June Hines Pilates

June Hines Pilates opened in 1997 in Rydal, PA, a nothern suburb of Philadelphia. June Hines was trained in NYC by Joseph Pilates disciple Romana Kryzanowska and her daughter Sari Mejia Santo exclusively on Gratz equipment. To get the Rydal studio started, June’s first purchases were 3 trusted pieces of Gratz equipment, a Reformer, Cadillac and High Mat. Today the studio is fully staffed and equipped with all Gratz apparatus, large to small. As the studio has grown, Gratz has been there every step of the way. In 2006, Susan Wilson and June opened a second location of June Hines Pilates in Doylestown, PA, 30 miles nother of Philadelphia. Today June Hines Pilates has 7 teachers and 3 apprentices all certified through the rigorous training of Romana’s Pilates and focused on carrying forward the proven timeless and effective teachings of Joseph Pilates as taught to us by Romana. June Hines Pilates uses Gratz apparatus exclusively because it too is timeless and effective.

Star Pilates

Star Pilates is one of the few studios in Philadelphia featuring only Romana's Pilates Certified instructors. The studio is located in the beautiful and posh Rittenhouse Square neighborhood in a private setting. Star Pilates only offers one-on-one private sessions in order to focus on each client's individual needs. The studio's instructors Amy Berger and Greg Elwell have a decade of combined experience teaching Pilates. Star Pilates exclusively uses Gratz apparatus.

Trullo Pilates

Trullo Pilates is located in the Northern Liberties neighborhood in Philadelphia, PA. It is an intimate, cozy studio that offers equipment training, small group classes, and workshops. Trullo is a proud supporter and owner of Gratz Equipment, and prides itself in providing the highest quality of equipment and education.



Fort Worth Classical Pilates

Fort Worth Classical Pilates is located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex just outside of Downtown Fort Worth. We started just over 5 years ago in a small, one roomed studio and quickly expanded and doubled our space. Today we have grown so much that we recently moved into a newer, fresher, beautiful open and expansive studio with plenty of space to grow and flourish.

Las Colinas Pilates

Las Colinas Pilates was established in 2010. Owner and instructor Elizabeth Boyd has been teaching Pilates since 2008. After becoming certified in Romana’s Pilates she taught full time at a Pilates studio in Tucson, Arizona. She moved to the Dallas Communications Complex in Irving, Texas in 2010 and worked at several studios in the Fort Worth area before opening Las Colinas Pilates in September Of 2010. At Las Colinas Pilates you’ll find a beautiful, comfortable atmosphere and experience personalized Pilates instruction that will make you eager to return.

Pilates Authentica

After completing training with Romana’s Pilates in 2009, I wanted to share my knowledge of True Pilates with the growing metropolis of San Antonio, Texas. No longer wanting to work on substandard Pilates equipment in a gym, I had the opportunity to purchase Gratz equipment and open my own studio. Starting in a small 425 sq. foot room in a Personal Training Studio, I was able to teach clients and show the distinction of equipment true to Joseph Pilates method. Not soon after I opened, did the business grow, and I decided it was time to move into a bigger space. Now Pilates Authentica is conveniently located on Highway 281 in North Central San Antonio. I am privileged to be the only studio in San Antonio to have Gratz equipment.



The Pilates Loft

For the past twelve years, The Pilates Loft had one location in the heart of Orlando, Florida. Owner Jennifer O’Mara opened the studio in 2003 and it quickly became one of the premier Pilates studio in Central Florida. Jennifer’s background is firmly placed in Exercise Physiology with an emphasis in Physical Therapy. She studied Pilates under and was certified by Romana Kyrzanowska, Joseph Pilates’ protégé, in 2000. Jennifer always wanted to own her own business and opening a pilates studio fulfilled not only her entrepreneurial spirit but also her desire to help people achieve a higher level of health and wellness. The Pilates Loft Orlando was named a Certifying Center for the United States Pilates Association (USPA) and Jennifer a Teacher of Teachers.



Atlas Pilates

Atlas Pilates is located on the ground floor of a high-rise in Seattle’s vibrant and densely populated Belltown neighborhood. Our calendar is filled with Pilates clients from all walks of life who work with our experienced staff instructors in our spacious purpose-built Pilates studio. We provide Private and Semi-Private Pilates Lessons, and popular Saturday morning Mat (Plus) classes. An independent physical therapy clinic on-site specializes in sports injury rehabilitation, and many patients progress into Pilates reconditioning. We’re a destination frequented by local Pilates teachers seeking to work with our instructors, do fun Semi-Privates with their peers, and participate in our collaborative Instructors Workgroups. Professional Pilates instructors from around the world visit to participate in our Pilates educational programming, which includes three annual Pilates Systems Seminars and our popular CPE Weekend. The business maintains high standards, endeavors to provide great customer service, and strives to be a place where others discover the joy we find in this meaningful work.

Metropolitan Pilates

Metropolitan Pilates is an authentic Pilates studio in Seattle. Dedicated to the original Pilates method developed by Joseph Pilates, our studio is committed to delivering the best fitness instruction and always addressing our client’s fitness goals and previous injuries. Our workouts are designed to build strength, control, and flexibility. We are located in the University Village shopping center in north Seattle. We offer private and semi-private sessions, group classes, a teacher certification program, and continuing education for Pilates instructors.

Pilates Seattle International

Founded in 1993, by Lauren Stephen, Lori Coleman-Brown, and Sean Gallagher, Pilates Seattle International (PSI) is a classical Pilates studio offering private, semi-private, and group sessions in the newly revived and beautiful South Lake Union neighborhood in downtown Seattle, Washington. This fantastic studio space is fully equipped with all Gratz apparatus featuring: Reformers, Cadillacs, Wunda Chairs, Wall Units, a High Chair, a Baby Chair, Small Barrels, Spine Correctors, Pedi-poles, Foot Correctors, Ladder Barrels, Guillotine, Push Up Bars, Swedish Bars, and Magic Circles. With over 6000 square feet of space, this spacious studio can house all of the Gratz equipment while having ample space dedicated for group Mat and Wall Unit classes. The studio floor plan is filled with natural light from high ceilings, tall windows, hardwood floors, and natural colors to create an energizing and uplifting place to learn and practice Pilates.



Pilates Movement

Pilates Movement is a fully equipped studio using authentic customized systems invented by Joseph Pilates. Pilates Movement teaches the highest standard of certification, “Romana’s Pilates IITP,” ensuring the studio provides authentic, safe, and optimum goal attainment for its clients. Pilates Movement works closely with Vita Physical Therapy & Fitness, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the Historic Third Ward.