Endurance Pilates and Yoga

August 2017 | Boston, Massachusetts 


  • Endurance Pilates and Yoga | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series
  • Endurance Pilates and Yoga | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series
  • Endurance Pilates and Yoga | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series
  • Endurance Pilates and Yoga | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series
  • Endurance Pilates and Yoga | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series
  • Endurance Pilates and Yoga | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series
  • Endurance Pilates and Yoga | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series
  • Endurance Pilates and Yoga | Gratz™ Pilates Featured Studio Series


"I choose to use only Gratz equipment because I want to provide the best for my clients. I have seen how classical Pilates and Gratz has changed my body and I know that it can do the same for anyone who walks through our door. It will lengthen, tone and firm up your body quickly while helping you to find a deep core connection through your entire workout."

Julie Erickson, owner and founder
Endurance Pilates and Yoga




Endurance Pilates and Yoga is located near the heart of Boston in an historic district of Boston called the South End. Endurance Pilates and Yoga originally opened in Arlington, Massachusetts in January of 2010, over seven years ago. We moved to the South End in January of 2015, over two years ago. We are known for teaching classical Pilates on all Gratz equipment-giving each student an invigorating Pilates workout. We are dedicated to the practice of mind-body exercise and the control of the body through the practice of Pilates. Almost every student that has walked through our door has commented on how tough are workouts are, especially in comparison to other Pilates studios. We owe this in large part to our Gratz equipment!



Endurance Pilates and Yoga  | Julie Erickson


Julie Erickson
RYT, PMA® CPT, MBA, Boston Magazine's Best of Boston ® 2014, Personal Trainer

Julie holds a BA in English from Tufts University and an MBA (Magna Cum Laude) from Babson College. Julie is a 3rd Generation Authentic Classical Pilates instructor, certified by Brooke Siler and Cary Regan through re:Ab Pilates in NYC and through MeJo Wiggin's Classical Syllabus, Greenwich, CT. She is also certified by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA-CPT), and Internationally Certified by Stott Pilates and Balanced Body Pilates. Julie has trained Broadway and Cirque du Soleil performers during their Boston stays, several professional NBA, MLB and NHL athletes, performers, professional models and dancers in Boston and NYC. Julie continues her Pilates education with several NYC based Classical Authentic Pilates instructors and is very proud to be part of the first ever Romana's Pilates Bridge Program in August 2017.

Julie is most proud of her work with differing abilities, including several of the folks injured in the Boston Marathon and other amputees and challenged athletes looking to improve their athletic performance via running, swimming or cycling. She continues to work with a number of students with conditions such as Parkinson's disease, brain injuries, spine and spinal cord injuries, pregnant and post-partum students, ligament disorders and auto-immune disorders and is overjoyed at the improvement every single one of her students have seen under her guidance. Julie is also a NFHS certified high school coach and enjoys sharing her love of movement with all ages! Julie believes that workouts should be fun and safe, yet challenging. An avid runner, she has run 23 marathons, hundreds of other races and an ultra-marathon. Julie completes over 2,000 training and racing miles yearly while building a business, raising a child, and mentoring new instructors. Julie has been featured online and in print in several popular magazines including features in Health Magazine, Martha Stewart, Shape, Runner's World, Glamour Magazine, FitSugar, MSN, Metro, The Boston Globe, Boston Common, Boston Magazine and Hella Wella. Julie brings this love of fitness and challenge to her students and friends at Endurance Pilates and Yoga. Julie is an Instructor Trainer and Continuing Education provider and presenter for several National and International Certification Agencies including NASM, ACE, and AFAA.


Endurance Pilates and Yoga  | Lisa Hillengas


Lisa Hillengas
Principal Pilates Instructor, PMA® CPT, Barre Boston Certified

Lisa Hillengas is fascinated by the human body. She explores the subject through her passions: art and fitness. She has a BFA in Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design and all of her artwork relates to the body. Lisa’s interest in exercise began with figure skating as a child. Today, she not only continues to skate, but also teaches at several rinks in the Boston area. Lisa began practicing Pilates at RISD in 2005, and it has improved her skating and overall fitness tremendously. In 2008, she joined the BodyAccess apprentice instructor program with the goal of teaching Pilates as well. Lisa now teaches and continues her Pilates education at Endurance. Lisa is certified by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA).


Endurance Pilates and Yoga  | Luis Viana


Luis Viana
Principal Pilates Instructor, Pilates Guild Certified

Luis hold a B. S. in Physical Education and has 10 years experience in the fitness field. Luis received his Pilates Certification in Brazil in 1999 through The Pilates Guild under the guidance of Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Mejia-Santo. Luis studied with many prestigious teachers such as Clare Dunphy, Michael Rooks, Shari Berkowitz and Bob Liekens. Participates in fundraising and non-profit programming such as Pilates for Pink/Shape Magazine. Worked at Progressive Bodywork and Sports Club LA/Boston. Luis believes in making clients feel better through an invigorating and fun sessions that focus the mind and body to work as a whole.


Endurance Pilates and Yoga  | Christie Wang


Christie Wang
Senior Instructor, Barre Boston Certified

As a former dancer, Christie was introduced to Pilates as a useful and effective form of cross-training. But, in the fall of 2013, she found Endurance Pilates and Yoga and fell in love with Pilates and Barre. As an avid runner who leads a healthy lifestyle, she found that Pilates helped her to develop control, body awareness and strength. After practicing Pilates with Endurance for over 3 years, Christie decided to start teaching so she could share her passion and experience with others. She has been certified in Barre Boston and is currently working on her PMA certification under the instruction of Julie Erickson. Christie hails from Long Island, NY and graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Sociology and Communications and Media Studies in May 2016.


Endurance Pilates and Yoga  | Kerlly Castellano


Kerlly Castellano
Senior Instructor, PMA® CPT, Basi Mat Certified, Barre Boston Certified

Kerlly has trained as a gymnast, dancer and cheerleader. She was first introduced to Pilates at age 15 at the Backhaus dance intensive in California. Since then she has been able to find balance in her body and became passionate about movement and mindful exercise. She has been a cheer camp instructor for the Universal Cheerleading Association and received her BASI Mat certification in 2012 by Rael Isacowitz. She obtained her Bachelor’s in Biology from Boston University and is working to expand her Pilates knowledge by earning her Pilates Method Alliance certification under Julie’s mentorship. She is an avid salsa dancer and applies Pilates concepts to this practice constantly. Most of all she loves helping students find their balance and strengthen their body as a whole while establishing a deeper mind-body connection.


Endurance Pilates and Yoga  | Danielle Lamy


Danielle Lamy
Senior Pilates Instructor, Barre Boston Certified

Danielle found Pilates two years ago when looking to get in shape for a friend’s wedding and instantly fell in love with Pilates. As a former gymnast Danielle had chronic knee pain that surgery did not alleviate. After three months of Pilates she was able to hike, bike, and ski without any knee pain! After seeing the positive effects in her own body, Danielle wanted to share the experience with others through becoming a Pilates instructor. Danielle has an MA in Clinical Psychology and is a licensed mental health clinician, making teaching others and connecting the mind and body a seamless career transition. Danielle continues to study classical Pilates at Endurance.


Endurance Pilates and Yoga  | Joscelyn Chapman


Joscelyn Chapman
Senior Pilates Instructor, Barre Boston Certified

Joscelyn found Pilates and Barre when she started attending the Endurance Pilates and Yoga studio in Arlington in 2012. She has led an active lifestyle most of her life through cycling, yoga, hiking, and watersports, and found that Pilates and Barre have been very beneficial to her other interests. Additionally, she has found the program to be very therapeutic, helping to strengthen her joints and help ease the pain of a previous sports injury. Joscelyn has completed the Barre Boston certification and working towards completing the mat certification and PMA.



This studio is fully equipped with only Gratz apparatus and mats. I was fortunate enough to have trained with Brooke Siler at Re:Ab so, I learned the importance of equipment. It wasn't even a question for me. I know that Gratz will provide the highest experience and best workout to all of my clients. Still in Boston, we are one of the few studios in the area who is fully equipped with Gratz and classical instruction. Having had trained and worked out on many different types of apparatus, I have seen the difference Gratz has made in my body and the bodies of so many of the instructors I’ve trained and clients I’ve worked with.





1636 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02118

Phone: (617) 982-3205
Email: julie@endurancepilates.com
Website: www.endurancepilatesandyoga.com

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