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Pilates DNA Teacher Certification Program

Set Yourself Apart - Become a Highly Skilled Pilates Teacher

Pilates DNA is a 600-hour, fully comprehensive certification program that covers all apparatus. We also offer bridge programs, credited apprenticeship opportunities and mentorship from a growing community of seasoned teachers who are dedicated to keeping the traditional work of Joseph Pilates alive.


Pilates DNA is a robust training program that fully transitions candidates into skillful teachers. Program founders Daniela Escobar, Nicole Briggs and Keion Moradi Means studied extensively under first generation mentor, Jay Grimes, who has been teaching for over 50 years and learned directly from Joseph Pilates.

The Pilates DNA philosophy is simple: Pilates is a complete system; not just an exercise list. When taught correctly, this method has the power to change bodies. Our program will take you beyond the typical training environment to set a proper foundation, with everything you need to succeed. Learn from the best teachers on the best apparatus, teaching the only style of Pilates there really is – Joe’s Pilates.


  • Strong Body Pilates, 10660 Riverside Dr. Ste B, Toluca Lake, CA 91602
  • Westwood Pilates, 2076 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025
*Register through the studio where you wish to complete the bulk of your training.        

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About Strong Body Pilates

Strong Body Pilates is a traditional Pilates studio. We offer a distinct experience to help you uncover the benefits of Pilates through expert instruction and results-driven dedication to the original Pilates method.

Strong Body Pilates welcomes those from all walks of life. Our studio is led by highly respected teachers within the Pilates community and serves as a hub for aspiring instructors and certified teachers from all backgrounds looking to fine-tune their skills through continuing education. 


About Westwood Pilates

Westwood Pilates is a Classical Pilates studio, now considered one of the best studios in West Los Angeles. Each year since our founding in 2013, Westwood Pilates has grown, creating a community of Pilates enthusiasts and a home away from home from beginners to seasoned teachers. We aim to provide a space where people feel comfortable and welcome, no matter what your age, ethnicity, gender, body type or movement background.


2022 - 2023 Pilates Events and Teacher Training Programs
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