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Apr 2021 | Port Jefferson, NY

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Gratz apparatus is about quality, legacy and artistry. Working on Gratz apparatus connects us to the authentic work of Joe Pilates. It shows our clients how much we value them. When I enter my studio, I always feel inspired looking at this equipment that is built to last a lifetime, or more, and allows me to transform the bodies, minds and lives of my clients.

- Vivian Piccone Jung - Owner & Instructor
Authentic Method Pilates Studio



AMP is located in the historic Long Island town of Port Jefferson. We are a small studio space that allows for a great personal experience. We are proud to offer authentic Pilates to our community both in-person and online. We feel that it is our responsibility to organize community outreach programs to educate the public about the history and legacy of Pilates Method. We host lectures and classes at our local libraries and institutions, and have recently joined with Providence Pilates and Prospire app as co-producers of the Pilatesology Book Club.

As the pandemic temporarily closed our doors, we opened our minds and hearts to new and creative ways of teaching and sustaining our community. We found that using the small apparatus from Gratz was a great way to keep our clients healthy while staying safe at home. We incorporated small props in our online sessions, lending our apparatus to clients until they return to the studio. In 2020 we added audio/visual technology into the studio. We outfitted the studio with a large screen TV and a camera with zoom and pan capabilities. We began using Prospire app to support our teachers and clients, whether in-studio or online. Employing these technologies has helped our client base immensely this year. We plan to continue to enhance our client experience with the use of new technologies in the future.

Our mission is to transform our clients’ lives. We are so grateful for being able to continue our work and help people stay healthy through this trying time. And we are honored to be part of the legacy of Joseph Pilates through Romana Krysanowska.



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    We have a Reformer with jump board, Cadillac, Wonda Chair, Baby Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Small Barrel, Pedi Pole, Neck Stretcher, Breath-A-Cizer, Push Up Device pair, two Foot Correctors, Airplane Board, and a variety of poles and handles and pillows to support all body types and issues. We love working with all our toys and tools from Gratz!



    About Vivian Piccone Jung

    About Vivian Piccone Jung

    Founder and Owner of Authentic Method Pilates Studio

    Vivian was born with a love of movement and great curiosity about the body. She has a degree in interior design and is certified in both Romana’s Pilates in New York under Sari Mejia Santo and Authentic Pilates from The Pilates Studio Brasil under direction of Inelia Garcia. 
     Vivian spends hundreds of hours every year continuing her education. She is grateful to Inelia Garcia, Sari Mejia Santo, Cynthia Lochard, Juanita Lopez, Cynthia Shipley, Anthony Rabara, Jerome Weinberg, Yuka Tomita, Jamie Trout, Nancy-Jean McNamara, Jeanne Gross, Javier Pérez Pont, Esperanza Aparicio Romero, Sabina Formichella, Ivo and Cornell and all of those who guided her through her certification.  She is also grateful to Marjorie Oron, Tamika Walker, Javier Velazquez, Jose Miguel Garcia, Alejandra Garcia, Carole Frazer, Deborah Lessen, Madeline Black, Irene Dowd, Eric Franklin and so many other teachers who have shared their knowledge with her over the years.
     Vivian loves seeing her client’ bodies transform and become younger and healthier though the practice of Pilates. 

    About Chrissy Picarello

    About Chrissy Picarello - Senior Teacher

     Chrissy is a Romana’s Pilates certified teacher. She is passionate about helping her clients change their lives through Pilates. She continues to expand her knowledge of Pilates and her ability to help her clients with ongoing continuing  education and personal lessons from amazing teachers all over the world.  Chrissy believes that the mind/body connection is transformational and teaches  her clients to incorporated it into all aspects of life. Chrissy feels that working on  Gratz apparatus is the only way to harness the true power of the Pilates system  and create the magic of Pilates Method.

    About Daniel Azambuja

    About Daniel Azambuja - Guest Instructor

    Daniel has his undergrad degree in Physical Education and graduate degree in Exercise Physiology. He began his career in fitness in 1992 with aerobics, step and stretching. He fell in love with the Pilates method when introduced to it through Inelia Garcia. He completed his certification under Romana Krysanowska in 2005 at the Pilates Studio Brasil, directed by Inelia Garcia. Daniel continues to work in São Paulo, Brasil but also teaches classes and private sessions for AMP online. Dani always finds creative ways to work with each person to bring them to better health in body, mind and spirit.

    Prospire App

    Prospire, the Pilates Teacher’s app; by Pilates teachers, for Pilates teachers. Our mission is to help independent Pilates studios compete with big online fitness companies and thrive in this changing market. 
    Using our thoughtful features, you can add value to your clients’ training experience and make your day-to-day easier! 

    Prospire can do all of this and more! The app is FREE for a limited time. We would love to give you a demo and show you how Prospire is the first step in taking your Pilates business to the next level. Whether you are teaching online, hybrid or in-person, this app is made to help you.




    Authentic Method Pilates
    14 East Broadway, Suite One,
    Port Jefferson, NY 11777

    Phone: +1 917-841-4401


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