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January 2020 | San Diego, CA



“Gratz Pilates equipment because it is the BEST in the industry. We need Gratz for the genius design to keep the flow of the Pilates system workout. The equipment provides the right amount of resistance for the push and pull you need for optimal strength and flexibility. The measurements of the barrels are so precise, they protect the spine and feel so delicious. Because each reformer is handcrafted, I love how each has its own personality. The feedback we get from our clients is a deep appreciation for the Gratz equipment and that comfort is most important to us. We invite everyone to come in and feel the difference on the Gratz Pilates equipment and believe it will open their hearts and minds to endless possibilities for greater health and independence.

- Angela Leone - Owner & Instructor
Angie's Pilates Haus



Angie’s Pilates Haus opened for business in 2017, a home studio in sunny San Diego overlooking the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean. The studio was an instant success and quickly grew out of Angies home and moved into a commercial space in 2018. The central Hillcrest location in San Diego allows Angie’s Pilates Haus the opportunity for more teachers in San Diego access to a Professional Gratz Pilates studio for their practice and to teach their clients. The fully equipped studio offers great flexibility for Privates, Duets and Trios.

We take great pride in our core mission to share Pilates with anyone interested in Pilates. Our statement is “We judge no one and regardless of your Pilates practice or teaching, you are welcome here.”




Every teacher at Angie’s Pilates Haus has experienced other Pilates equipment and we all agree that the Gratz Pilates equipment is the Best! I started teaching in 2013 and was very patient in my research to buy a piece of Pilates equipment, but wasn’t sure what brand to go with. It was only after my first year of teaching that I took a session at S6 Fitness and that was my first experience on the Gratz Pilates equipment. I will never forget pushing out in the Long Stretch, Holy Moly! At that moment my body knew that I needed to be working on Gratz. My first purchase was an 80” Reformer in 2014, and my goal was to purchase another Gratz every year after! Today we are proud to have 3

Reformers, 3 Amazing Contour Mats with matching Spine Correctors and Small Barrels. We also have the Large Barrel, Cadillac, Arm Chair, Wunda Chairs, Electric Chairs and Pedi Poles for a fully stocked Gratz Pilates studio in San Diego.

It is a blessing to walk into my studio everyday and see all the beautiful Gratz Pilates equipment, they are pieces of art that help us create magic in our bodies. 



The People: Angela Leone

Angie seeks to inspire her clients to move with ease and learn the capabilities of their bodies. She works with students of all ages and levels; from professional athletes to baby boomers, other Pilates teachers and adolescents. It gives her pure joy to teach the Pilates Method in the manner Joseph Pilates intended it to be taught. She believes that the Pilates Method is capable of opening minds and bodies to their true inner spirit. Angela is currently bridging her certification into Romana’s Pilates with Trish Garland at Garland Pilates in Los Angeles. Angie works closely throughout the year with her mentor and teacher,

Moses Urbano (,

Moses Urbano is a world-renowned Pilates Instructor who works with private clients, other Pilates teachers, celebrities and professional athletes since completing his certification in 1999 under the direction of Romana Kryzanowska at The Pilates Studio of New York.  He had the great privilege of assisting Romana, Joseph Pilates’ leading disciple, on teaching tours in the United States and internationally. His passion is to share his journey in Pilates and support Pilates instructors around the world.


Angie’s Pilates Haus
3969 4th Ave. Suite 209
San Diego, CA 92103



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