"To achieve the highest accomplishments within the scope of our capabilities in all walks of life we must constantly
strive to acquire strong,healthy bodies and develop our minds to the limits of our ability."
- Joseph Hubertus Pilates




Gratz Industries is the original manufacturer of Pilates apparatus and the industry's established source for authentic equipment. Our company was started by Frank Gratz in New York City in 1928 as a custom fabrication shop producing industrial design prototypes, architectural metal, furniture and sculpture for many of the world's greatest designers.

This legacy of high end fabrication and tradition continued with Frank's son Donald Gratz who applied his engineering and metalworking expertise working closely with Romana Kryzanowska in the late 1960's. This collaboration with Romana resulted in the preservation of the dimensions and proportions critical to the correct functions of the Pilates apparatus. Thanks to this relationship Gratz maintained a fidelity to Joseph Pilates original vision by fabricating apparatus with unerring craftsmanship and exacting specifications which continues today.

Our commitment to Pilates guides our actions. We have provided the finest equipment for two generations of teachers and studio owners and we are proud to serve the Pilates community. Gratz Pilates apparatus is used in studios all over the world and teachers and students know the Gratz difference and consider our apparatus an indispensable part of their practice. You can count on Gratz to protect Joseph Pilates vision by respecting the details of every item we produce.

After 80 years of working in New York City we moved our factory to Philadelphia in 2014 as we needed to expand and grow our operations. Gratz Pilates collaborates with teaching organizations and independent event hosts and has supported conferences and workshops to allow our loyal instructors, teachers and their students to share their love and knowledge of the work and we will continue that tradition in the coming years. 

Whether you are a first time customer or long time devotee, we are available to answer your questions and share our knowledge and experience. Our Customer Service department is ready to help you achieve your goals by offering personal assistance on all orders. We offer a complimentary studio layout and design service and we welcome the opportunity to support you in maintaining the integrity of your Pilates work. 

He invented it, we make it.