360° Pilates will be held in five exciting locations the world over, all within the next year and registration is now open. The program will run a maximum of four times per year. Currently, the program is offered in Asia, Europe, and North America, but locations will vary from year to year. Keep an eye on the education calendar for updated dates and host sites.Learn more about how it all works in the video. Then apply.



360° Pilates by Benjamin Degenhardt

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360° Pilates is an immersion into the traditional Pilates method that combines live and online learning. Participants get to learn the concepts of Joe Pilates’ original work and experience the physical transformation that comes with it.

It’s a program for discerning professionals and enthusiast practitioners who wish to become fluent in the traditional Pilates method. Whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of the work in a profound and unique way, or just fully immerse yourself in the practice—360° Pilates was made for you.


Looking one generation further back than any other Pilates program, 360° Pilates is based on extensive historical research of Joe Pilates’ original method and highlights his philosophies, concepts and intentions.

While the traditional method doesn’t need innovation, 360° Pilates is innovative in its approach to education: an exclusive video library integrates with workbooks and homework that bring the material to life well beyond the seminars.


It’s true, you can’t learn Pilates online. But, you can learn a whole lot about it online. 360° Pilates separates what is best learned in a live seminar setting from what is best explored in a self-paced manner. Combine the two and you will, in fact, learn more!

The best learning environment is a room full of people determined to find answers to the same questions. 360° Pilates brings such people together and provides the tools to find the answers.

Learn more about how it all works in the video. Then apply.



About Benjamin Degenhardt | 360° Pilates

Benjamin Degenhardt has been involved in the world of movement and Pilates education for over 15 years, and has presented his work at numerous conferences and training facilities around the world.

A teacher of teachers, Benjamin is the creator of innovative programs that combine his extensive experience in Pilates and fitness and his background as a professional dancer and dance teacher with his accomplishments as an educator in the movement field.

Most notably, Benjamin has developed 360° Pilates, a curriculum dedicated to bringing to life the work of physical culture pioneer Joseph Pilates. 360° Pilates is distinct in the current landscape of Pilates education for its philosophy-based approach, and its consolidation of the traditional method with a contemporary understanding of movement, health and fitness training.

Benjamin develops his programs with the needs of movement and fitness professionals in mind, and offers teacher training, immersive training, individual coaching sessions and online learning.

Benjamin began studying the Pilates method in 1998, has completed classical and contemporary training programs and is certified through the Pilates Method Alliance. Prior to founding 360° Pilates, he served as Lead Teacher Trainer for the Equinox Pilates Institute in New York City and Boston and maintained status as a top-tier and top-producing instructor within Equinox’s nationwide Pilates program for several years. Benjamin holds additional credentials as a Simonson Technique Teacher and Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Specialist, and continues to study with a diverse group of experts in the movement field.

His teaching methodology is strongly informed by his extensive research of the history and evolution of Joseph Pilates’ traditional work, as well as his passion for the physical culture movement. In addition to teaching and presenting, Benjamin serves as a coach and consultant for individual teachers and reputable companies alike, helping them elevate their services and programming in the current fitness and wellness landscape.

Benjamin is also a dedicated writer whose blog was named one of the most impactful Pilates blogs on about.com; a featured teacher on Pilates Anytime, Pilates on Demand, and Pilates Style Magazine; and the mastermind behind March MATness—an annual global awareness campaign for Pilates Mat work.


Benjamin Degenhardt | 360° Pilates

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