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Who We Are:
UNO - Pilates was created in 2015 by the Director of the Portuguese School of Authentic Pilates (epdap®) - Miguel Silva and the Director of the Spanish School of Authentic Pilates (eedap®) - Fabien Menegon.

The Uno Pilates School is directed by Sr. Fabien Menegon, certified by Romana Kryzanowska, and Miguel Silva with more than 10 years of teaching, graduated from "The work" with Jay Grimes at Vintage Pilates Studio, following their legacy and diffusion of the method.

Recognized as one of the best certifications programs around the world and more than 20 years of experience and dedication of teaching the method and training teachers. Fabien Menegon and Miguel Silva, restructured the pedagogy and the teaching of the traditional training programs, in order to offer a precise and modern knowledge of the method, without losing the essence of the original method known now as Classical Pilates. (you can see them teaching small workshops and classes at Pilatesology)


The Place:
Uno Pilates Studio - "The Lab" - Pilates Camp - led by Miguel Silva is located in this wild paradise of the Vicentina coast, surrounded by sea and mountains, privileged by the sun. A place where nature expresses itself, an unparalleled experience that your body and mind will thank and not forget. "The Lab" is the first research, development and education center at European and international level to preserve excellence in teaching the Pilates method! A cutting-edge center where new research on the method is shared through education and other international meetings with other professionals of the highest level. Location: Aldeia da Almádena - Rocio de Almádena N5 - 8600-102 LUZ LGS - Lagos - Nearest Airports: Faro 94,5Km - Lisbon 303Km - We recommend renting a car, it's the best way to travel around and visit the wild nature that surround us. We can arrange individual and / or individual accommodation (limited number) Breakfast not included - For more info contact us:


Our Purpose:
To offer seminars of deep and profound understanding of teaching the method from the basics till the advance level, like Joe and Clara Pilates created. To give a wide and complete understanding of the Pilates method using all the equipment invented by Joe. (All studio equipment is made by Gratz, respecting the origins of the method) Work with a maximum number of 8 students with the purpose of providing a personalized follow-up, guaranteeing the quality required to become a "body guide".




This Program Is For:
Experienced Instructors (with previous comprehensive of Pilates teacher training) Intermedium knowledge required of Reformer, Mat, Cadillac, Chairs and Barrels Minimum of two years of experience.

How To Apply:
Assessment sessions by video call (Skype account) or live at Uno Pilates Studio - The Lab or Centre Pilates Barcelona (fee 50euro)

Application Form: Click here to answer a few questions!




Seminar 1: The Basics - October 2018 (1st / 6th)

  • Description and definition of "skeleton" and "The System" - Basic Level in the Reformer and Mat and relationship between them.
  • Precision and biomechanics of each one, modification concepts.
  • How to adapt the method to the needs of each client according to their morphology and pathology.
  • Observation points and teacher position system to help the customer.
  • System design according to the needs of each client and observations taken from the "skeleton".
  • Basic "Archival" exercises.

Seminar 2: Intermedium Level - February 2019 (4rd / 9th)

  • Chronology of the introduction exercise mat and reformer.
  • Intermediate gradually according to the needs of each client.
  • Intermediate Reformer and Mat (Intermediate "skeleton").
  • The "System" of exercises to help the introduction of the exercises.
  • Relationship between the exercises of intermediate skeleton and the basics. Concepts modification exercises to adapt the method to the needs of each customer according to their morphology and pathology.
  • Precision and biomechanics of each one.
  • Definition of the respiratory system, useful in the method and related exercises at the intermediate level Teacher position to advise your client.
  • Evolution of the basic "system" approach to intermediate "system" on each client. Intermediate "Archival" exercises

Seminar 3: Standing Position - June 2019 (3rd / 8th)

  • Evolution of intermediate "system" to prepare the advanced level in the Mat and the Reformer.
  • Preparing the client for a "stand up position"
  • "Wunda" Chair as an element for the advanced level
  • The exercises related with the "system" and the "skeleton"
  • The wunda chair known as the "Gym at home"

Seminar 4: The Advanced - October 2019 (7th / 12th)

  • Reformer and Mat class (advanced and star level).
  • Chronology of introducing advanced exercises.
  • Factors to be taken into account by entering the Reformer and Mat advanced level. Teacher position, tips and tricks to help the client properly
  • The "lines" from the basic to the advanced.



Within Every Module We Will Have:

Case Studies
The analysis of pathologies and morphologies. Rehabilitation system, Reintegration system of exercises, Factors to consider when working with people with mild or serious injury.

Observe and learn
The students will teach each other and regular clients from the studio in order to develop their skills of teaching.

The Questions
We will propose a theme related with the method, but can be can be also about your clients, your studio, your business, or you can suggest one!

*If you have any questions related with our programe send us an email to



About Miguel Silva

Born in the city of Porto, Portugal, Miguel da Silva inherited early age his father's taste for physical activity.

He practiced many sports including handball, basketball, football, field hockey, cycling, swimming, surfing. All this interest in varied physical activity, led him to the conclusion that - "everyone has a different body and different needs".

During his two years in the UK, Miguel started the practice of Yoga, increasing his interests in the body with an entirely different concept from his regular fitness regime. When back in Portugal, Miguel began his studies in Alternative Medicine, specializing in Shiatsu, Japanese massage technique, then later settled in Seville, Spain, perfecting the technique.

This is where he first experienced the Pilates Method. Miguel suffered from back pain due to his posture and muscle tightness, which limited the practice his favourite sport, surfing. Through the practice of Pilates, he has improved his surfing and practically eliminated the consistent pain in his lower back and gave him flexibility. With his curiosity of the Pilates Method and its depth, this then led to several courses and workshops.

He then met the Master Pilates Teacher, Fabien Menegon (Romana Kryzanowska's lineage), of the Spanish School of Authentic Pilates, and successfully completed his training with flying colours. Following this, Fabien invited him to be part of the Spanish School of Authentic Pilates training program and help him to expand the brand. Miguel is very passionate about Pilates, a respected member of the industry, owner of The Uno Pilates Studio - The Lab - teaching director and master trainer.

Teacher at Pilatesology web site, following the dream to share the work of "Joe" Pilates! "I wanna to offer to all professional quality training to all those who wish to dedicate the Classical Pilates." One of 12 selected global level to enter the highly regarded certification program "The work" at the vintage studio Pilates under the mentorship of Jay Grimes himself. Co-funder of Uno Pilates Method - - "In Pilates we work the body as one! We don?t put pieces apart we make the body work as one, where everything comes from your stomach".


About Fabien Menegon

Born in France, Fabien Menegon is dedicated since little to the cult of physical body dexterity.

His first specialty is in the athletic gymnastic club, starting to practice at an early age, and won the gold medal at the National Competition in France by athletic gymnastics teams.

While continuing his training in gymnastics, Fabien starts his artistic activity participating in ballet classes in Picardie Dance National Conservatory.

At age 11 get the gold medal, which the following year opens the doors of the school of the Paris Opera.

Had been instructed in classical dance, folk, art history and music by the year 1991.

During this time performs tours in Japan, Egypt, the United States and the United Kingdom participating in tours of Balanchine, Petipa, Lifar, Bessy, Béjart, Kilyan and Nureyev, among others.

At the same time participating in several productions with the dance company of the Paris Opera, dancing with Rudolf Nureyev.

After finishing school in Paris, Fabien Menegon enters the famous school ballerina Rosella Hightower, in order to improve their technique.

In 1992, he entered directly as a soloist in the Communal Company from Trieste (Italy) where dance pieces Barabasky and Nureyev, acting also as a soloist with Rome and Verona.

In 1993 it is contracted by the Dutch company Scapino Ballet, where he plays as a soloist parts of De Wubbe, Galili and Werlock, among others.

On this occasion, while residing in the Netherlands, Fabien comes into contact with the Pilates method, and interest leads him to learn the technique in the studio Pilates La Haya.

In 2000 enters the Catalan company Lanonima Imperial part in a production for the National Theatre of Catalonia and tours in Greece, Mexico and Germany.

At the same time improves your knowledge of Pilates technique in central control Art.

In 2001, he decides to get his diploma as a teacher and undertake specific training in the certification center Authentic PilatesTM in Seattle, while refining their knowledge of the method in Dorothee's Studio.

In Seattle begins to teach classes.

Later travels to New York to study and teach under the tutelage of the Roman masters Kryzanowska and Sari Pace Mejía, direct students from Joseph Pilates.

New York passes with honors final examination and its certification as a teacher.

Back in Spain is hired by the studio El Arte del Control, which will teach, collaborate in the training of new teachers and the development and dissemination of the method.

Founding member of the Spanish Association of Pilates teachers, Fabien Menegon decided in 2003 to open his own studio in the center of Barcelona.

Fabien Menegon, is recognized as one of the best professionals, has 20 years of experience and dedication to the method!

With the help of his teammates and Auténtico Pilates teachers, reformed the teaching pedagogy of traditional courses, in order to teach a precise knowledge of the method, improving performance and adapt to changing times without losing the essence and the accuracy of the original method.

Maestro Maestro - Professor at the "Escuela Española de Auténtico Pilates", pedagogical director.



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