Uno Pilates Method Certification Program

September 30, 2020

Miguel Silva Teacher Training Program


Uno Pilates Zürich
Puls 5
Giessereistrasse 18
8005 Zürich

Phone: 079 421 22 34
Website: Uno Pilates Zurich
Start Date: January 2021


Uno Pilates Zürich - led by Dominique Bandi and Miguel Silva is located in the heart of Zürich West.

The Studio is the first Uno Studio outside of Portugal. We offer private classes from Monday to Friday. In November 2019 the first Certification Program of the highly recognized Unopilates School will start in Zürich. A cutting-edge centre where new research on the method is shared through education and other international meetings with other professionals of the highest level.

Our program starts on January 2021. Email us at for more info



About Miguel Silva

Born in the city of Porto, Portugal, Miguel da Silva inherited early age his father's taste for physical activity. He practiced many sports including handball, basketball, football, field hockey, cycling, swimming, surfing. All this interest in varied physical activity, led him to the conclusion that - "everyone has a different body and different needs".


Gratz Gallery | Push-up Device

Gratz Gallery | Archive Reformer


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