Excel Pilates Teacher Training Program

Excel Pilates Teacher Training Program


EXCELLENCE in Second Generation Teacher Trainers

The Pilates Teacher Training Program is dedicated to providing high-quality training in the original work of Joseph H. Pilates. Our comprehensive and in-depth one-year training program requires a minimum of 700 hours of hands-on training in all levels of the Pilates mat and apparatus work. Apprenticeship involves seminars, observations and practice teaching.

In addition to Pilates exercises, seminar topics cover anatomy, teaching skills and session design. The program involves readings, case studies and powerhouse-hour workshops, free solo workouts, teaching feedback and a Pilates teaching manual. There are prerequisites and testing requirements.

Excel is ideal for a quality learning experience with a fully equipped studio (reformers, cadillacs, wall units/towers, wunda chair, electric chair, ladder barrel, spine corrector, small barrel, foot corrector, toe exerciser, ped-o-pull, magic circles, bean bag, hand weights) and a dynamic teaching and client base.


Please contact the Excel Pilates location you wish to apply to receive an application form, program requirements and to answer any questions. Upon approval of the application, an evaluation session and interview will be scheduled. The evaluation session and interview will determine acceptance to the program. Acceptance into the Teacher Training Program is based on, but not limited to, level of skill and physical integration of Pilates exercises. Criteria also include the ability to articulate existing knowledge of the Pilates Method and professionalism.


Cost for Teacher Training Program Seminar or Independent Study format: $6,500
Immersion Program is and additional $2550 


  • Friday March 4th - Sunday March 6th, 2022
  • Friday April 22nd - Sunday April 24th, 2022
  • Friday June 3rd - Sunday June 5th, 2022
  • Friday August 5th - Sunday August 7th, 2022
* dates subject to change 
Independent Study format allows flexibility in when an apprentice can start the program.

Practice teaching hours and observation hours may be completed at Excel Pilates DC, Excel Pilates Annapolis or Excel Pilates Northern Virginia. Independent Study may start at any time. The application deadline does not apply.

Program Directors: Second Generation Teachers Kerry De Vivo, Lesa McLaughlin

Program Faculty: Kerry De Vivo, Lesa McLaughlin, Alexandra Adams

More Information: www.excelpilatesannapolis.com/training-education/pilates-teacher-training-program

For more information about completing the Teacher Training Program at any of our locations, visit any of our three affiliate studios:



Follow on Facebook: facebook.com/excelpilatesteachertrainingprograContact the location you wish to apply:

Excel Pilates Annapolis
Location: 11 Annapolis Street, Suite A, Annapolis, MD
Phone:  (410) 897-0550
Email: info@excelpilatesnova.com
Website: ExcelPilatesAnnapolis.com

Excel Pilates DC
Location: 3407 8th Street, NE, Washington, DC
Phone:  (202) 269-3020
Email: info@excelpilates.com
Website: ExcelPilates.com

Excel Pilates Northern Virginia
Location: 6725 Curran Street, Suite 300, McLean, VA
Phone:  (703) 623-8100
Email: alexandra@excelpilatesnova.com
Website: ExcelPilatesNova.com

Our mission is to preserve and share the life’s work of Joseph Pilates with the integrity and spirit in which it was taught to us as second generation teachers. Joseph Pilates spent a lifetime developing his method of physical and mental conditioning. The sophistication of his work necessitates intense study.

Seminar Format, Independent Study, and Immersion Program

Seminar Format is done in groups with specific seminar dates for Teacher Training hours. This is for the advanced Pilates student.

Independent Study allows the participant to establish and coordinate Teacher Training hours independently with the Director. This is for the advanced Pilates student.

Immersion Program can be added to either the seminar or independent study formats. It has an added 30 hours in the program for additional personal skills development. This is for an intermediate level or higher applicant. 

Contact studio for seminar date information.  



About Kerry De Vivo

Kerry De Vivo, the owner of Excel Pilates Annapolis, is the only second generation* Pilates teacher in the Annapolis area. She is a certified teacher of The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning by The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO (1995) and by Romana Kryzanowska at The Pilates Studio in New York, NY (1996). She has an MFA degree in Dance and a BS degree in Arts Management and is Pink Ribbon Program certified. Kerry celebrated her 20th year of teaching Pilates in 2015.

Kerry began studying Pilates in 1986 with Steve Giordano at SUNY Purchase. In 1998, after completing her Pilates certifications, Kerry co-founded, with Lesa McLaughlin, Excel Movement Studios, a 5,000 square foot Pilates studio in Washington, DC. In 2002, she co-founded Excel Pilates Annapolis. The DC and Annapolis, MD studios now operate as affiliate studios along with Excel Pilates Northern Virginia.




About Lesa McLaughlin

Lesa, Program Director, is the owner of Excel Pilates DC and was certified as a teacher in The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning by The Pilates Studio in New York in 1995 under the tutelage of Romana Kryzanowska. She received a Gold Certification by the Pilates Method Alliance in 2005. She holds a BFA in Dance from George Mason University (1984) and has taught dance, movement, and exercise for over 30 years. In 1998, together with Kerry De Vivo she opened Pilates at Excel Movement Studios, now known as Excel Pilates DC, in Washington, DC. In 2002 they co-founded another Excel studio in Annapolis, MD. She has worked with clients for over 20 years in The Pilates Method Of Body Conditioning. Ranging in age from 10-85, clients have included athletes such as dancers, gymnasts, swimmers, ice skaters, runners, golfers, equestrian jumpers, and body builders, all working to achieve better performance or to gain a competitive edge. Lesa has also worked with clients at a rehabilitative level as well as injury prevention. Conditions and issues have included herniated discs, arthritis, Parkinson's disease, MS, knee surgery prevention, knee and hip replacement, as well as pregnancy.

In 2001 she collaborated with Kerry De Vivo to create and establish a comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program at Excel Movement Studios in which she developed the curriculum, program outline, and training manual. Currently, she teaches all system levels as well as continuing education. Lesa McLaughlin's experience is that of a Master teacher. She considers her strength in teaching to be a deep understanding of the work of Joseph Pilates and helping each client to see, feel and reach his/her full potential. Lesa considers the work of Joseph Pilates to be an inspiration. She has experienced personally the depth and power of the work and considers her ability to practice and teach Pilates a true privilege. The most satisfying aspect of her Pilates experience is to see daily, through her teaching, the meaningful impact it has on others.

About Alexandra Adams

Alexandra Adams, Program Faculty, is a third generation instructor of Joseph H. Pilates and owner of Excel Pilates Northern Virginia. She has practiced Pilates for sixteen years, and has been a certified Pilates instructor for fifteen years. Upon graduation from The Madeira School in 1999, she went on to attend Goucher College. Alexandra graduated from Goucher College in 2003, with a Bachelor’s Degree with distinction in Dance Performance and Choreography.

After dancing professionally throughout the Washington, DC area and continuing to study Pilates, she completed a rigorous, comprehensive Pilates teacher training program at Excel Movement Studios. In 2008, after four years of teaching Pilates, Alexandra completed the Master’s Program at The Pilates Center, in Boulder, Colorado. The Pilates Center is the first of its kind to offer a Master’s Program to already accomplished teachers. At the time, Alexandra was one of ten instructors worldwide to complete the program. Since 2004, Alexandra has been teaching at the most respected Pilates studios throughout the Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, DC areas.

In 2010, Alexandra opened The Pilates Center at The Madeira School, a boutique Pilates studio on Madeira’s campus. Just mere months after opening, The Pilates Center at The Madeira School was voted Best Pilates Studio by Northern Virginia Magazine. After four years of teaching Pilates enthusiasts from the DC area, Alexandra has relocated and naturally renamed The Pilates Center at The Madeira School to Excel Pilates Northern Virginia. Affiliated with Excel Pilates DC and Excel Pilates Annapolis, Excel Pilates NoVA continues a fifteen year tradition of providing the highest quality of traditional Pilates training.



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