CoreSelf by Brooke Tyler

CoreSelf | Brooke Tyler


CoreSelf's Classical Pilates Workouts Help You...

  • Safely connect to your deepest core strength
  • Integrate that strength into your life "off the mat"
  • Have fun in the process!

Read on to learn the details, and be sure to experience a workout, too!





What's the format of the workouts?

All CoreSelf workouts are led by Brooke Tyler, athlete, Classical Pilates instructor, teacher-trainer, and (surprise!) acupuncturist and herbalist.

Each month as a subscriber, you'll receive a pack of six recorded Pilates mat workouts. The intensity and length of the workouts vary; this variation lets you stay engaged and works different aspects of your body. Each pack includes an intro video from Brooke to orient you in that month's theme and workouts.


What makes CoreSelf's workouts unique?

Brooke Tyler's work as an acupuncturist and a Pilates instructor means that she has come into contact with many people's injuries and fitness goals, and that her understanding of the human body is deep and nuanced as a result. This understanding is reflected in her teaching style.

Chinese medicine - closely related to Daoist philosophy - is a sophisticated, elegant understanding of an individual's body in the present moment. And while there are many differences in each individual, there's also the understanding that certain universals apply to all bodies - that we're all affected by the rhythm of the seasons and our environments.

Through CoreSelf, Brooke integrates these universals into her monthly workouts in specific ways.The CoreSelf workout calendar is divided into seasons, with exercises appropriate for that season delivered each month.



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About Brooke Tyler | CoreSelf

Pilates Teacher-Trainer, Licensed Acupuncturist.

Welcome! I'm guessing you want to know more about me - how I view, embody and integrate this work that I’m offering you.

I started practicing and studying Pilates just after college, where I played all four years of collegiate basketball and thought I knew all about strength and athleticism….

When I discovered the intensity and subtlety of Pilates, I was intrigued by the challenge. Pilates is not about muscling through, powering through, or pushing to the point of fatigue and breakdown. Pilates calls on small muscles, deep strength, balance, and coordination. Pilates calls on us to develop ease in every moment.

Pilates calls on freedom instead of force.

Pilates is core work, and work that involves the whole body. Pilates invites the practitioner to do deep work, to listen, to practice often, and to adapt and adjust. It also invites us to integrate the work into our daily movement patterns.

And I loved this! It made sense, and it felt good. Here was exercise designed to build whole body strength, nourish my sense of self within the movement, and that also helped me find a truer athleticism, one that improved my performance in all of my other favorite sports and hobbies (like biking, running, and skiing.) The thought and intention that Joseph Pilates put into his exercises is deep and far-reaching, and I was hooked.

Pilates is simultaneously structured and orderly AND simultaneously creative, artistic, and liberating. This duality can apply to life as a whole, because there is an element of "being" Pilates, not just "doing" Pilates.

So I began practicing and formally studying classical Pilates. In 2003, I completed my classical training in an intimate mentorship program with Dorothee VandeWalle, who studied in the direct lineage of Joseph Pilates.

Two years later, I began my studies in a four-year master's-level program to become a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. Just like Pilates, Chinese medicine is a cornerstone of my life.

While in graduate school, I taught classical Pilates to clients, and knew that I would somehow combine the modalities. I discover again and again throughout my practice of both Chinese medicine and classical Pilates how empowering, intertwined, and complementary these modes of medicine are - because, yes, I think of Pilates as medicine... movement is medicine.

I say it all the time (because it's true!)... Pilates is a way of moving through the world.


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At Clasique Acupuncture & Pilates Studio we inspire people to find their own energetic wellness.

Our studio proudly offers two distinct, yet deeply interwoven, modalities of healing. Our acupuncture training is rooted in Classical Chinese medicine.

Our studio offerings include Private and Semi Private lessons, and small group equipment and mat classes, as well as a class rooted in classical Pilates ​and created by Brooke Tyler, called Chisel™. In addition to sessions and classes, Clasique is home to a comprehensive mentor-based apprentice training program - the Clasique Pilates Instructor Certification Program (CPICP).


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