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August 25, 2021

Pop Pilates

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As the leader of Pop Pilates Studio, the Apprentice of Contrology® may be held in studios all over South Korea. 

Based on the original class concept adopted in the studio of Joseph H. Pilates, this is an in-depth instructor course to nurture 3rd and 4th generation pilates instructors.

Through the Apprentice of Contrology® trainees will be exposed to the philosophy of Pilates, as well as all instruments and accessories used in classical Pilates.

The Apprentice of Contrology® believes that Pilates may be the best exercise system in its true form during the time taken for the body where movement is the main focus, embracing the passion to maintain and protect this belief.

The Apprentice of Contrology® is a training course where one becomes a trainee deep within the system and experiences dramatic body changes through Pilates.

The Apprentice of Contrology® believes that the simplest method of contact is the only way to understand the Pilates system, and the program will be the best guide on your journey to discover Pilates.

*The Apprentice of Contrology® is a 1:1 course based on the body condition of each individual. It is an in-depth training course that spans over 700 hours and recruitment is limited per studio every quarter.

*The Apprentice of Contrology® is conducted under the supervision of Director Jihye Kim, and an individual workshop (30 hours and above) with the director is a mandatory requirement.


Who is Jihye Kim, Director of the Apprentice of Contrology®?

Starting out in rhythmic gymnastics as a child, Kim was exposed to various methods of exercises to improve the physical condition, and was always engaged in body movement. She has a bachelor's degree in dance and graduated with a master's degree in dance and performing arts at the top of her class. As a professional dancer and choreographer, she has been awarded the first prize at international dance festivals, and has engaged in various dance troupe activities.

Throughout her time with the dance troupe, she was intrigued by functional methods of exercise to improve the physical condition and achieved more than 50 certifications in the process. During this period, she came into contact with Pilates, completed three comprehensive Pilates certified training, and member of the Pilates Method Alliance.

After acquiring her first certification as a Pilates instructor, Jihye started working as a Pilates instructor in 2004 while continuing to engage in dance troupe activities. Pilates was her friend and part of her life which revolved around body movement.

In 2011, she started to have second thoughts about being an artist and decided to retire. That was when she took a closer look at the exercises that she had been doing both as an instructor and as a participant, movements which had been a part of her life for a long time. During this period, she engaged in Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, as well as many other methods of exercise, working as an instructor in Pilates and various exercises. However, her longing for functional movements never ceased.

Then one day, Jihye met Jay Grimes, who learn from Joseph Pilates, and she considers that meeting to be the luckiest thing in her life, a life that has always revolved around body movement. She found her passion at Vintage Pilates in Los Angeles and satisfied her longing and thirst, which was something she could not get from many other exercises.

Jihye is the first person in Asia to graduate from "The Work", a Master Program at Vintage Pilates, under Jay Grimes, a first-generation disciple of Joseph Pilates. She considers her time with Jay to be the most effective and functional workouts of her life that has always revolved around body movement. And now, she wants to share this experience with you.




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