Teasers for Tata's - an Annual Fundraising Event at Core Love Culture Studio

September 29, 2020


Join us virtually! Pilates Friends United joins Teasers for Tata’s, an annual fundraiser - proceeds towards Breast Cancer.  Pick from 3 classes taught by instructors nationally.

Juan Estrada from PFU is teaching and (Core Love Culture Studio) is hosting. 
Weather permitting outside in the yard. 

Teasers For Tatas celebrates the strength of breast cancer Patients, Previvors and Survivors who regain their relationships with their bodies through the practice of Pilates. Participants in this annual Pilates event strengthen their own bodies while raising money to help those affected by breast cancer to strengthen theirs.

"It is the mission of Teasers For Tatas to provide a community of support for breast cancer Patients, Previvors and Survivors by funding supportive services that ease the difficulty of their treatment journey. The services funded by TFT include massage therapy, nutrition counseling, support groups, meditation, yoga and (of course) Pilates. Proceeds from the annual event are donated to hospitals and organizations that provide these supportive services to those affected by breast cancer. Thank you!"

- Melissa Miles, Founder