Sonje Mayo Pilates Workshop at Classical Pilates Tokyo

February 21, 2023


April 7th (Friday) - 9th (Sunday), 2023

DAY 1 - Reformer&Wunda ChairDAY 2 - Arm Chair&Spine Corrector
DAY 3 - Mat & Interview Project “Pilates History”

Sonjé Mayo is a Classical Pilates Master Teacher who trained directly with Joseph Pilates, Clara and Romana Kryzanowska. Sonjé is the rare example of Joe's intentions in the Pilates method. Her extensive experience as a dancer, choreographer and physiotherapist and her uncompromising, rigorous yet passionate teaching have earned her the respect of Pilates teachers around the world.

In addition, the owner of Gratz Industries, David Rosencrans, will be participating in the event.

◆Interpreter Nagi Takahashi (President of Pilates Studio Rebirth)
◆ Interviewer Kohei
◆Sponsor GRATZ

◉ Participation fee: ¥ 110,000 (Three days through)
*Prices are affected by the depreciation of the yen and soaring business air ticket prices.

◉Venue: Classical Pilates Tokyo (5-minute walk from Minami-Asagaya Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line) *The schedule and contents of each day may change in the future. *May be changed to another venue in Tokyo. *We do not accept applications other than participation for all three days.

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Location: Tokyo, Japan





About Sonje Mayo

Sonje was introduced to Joseph Pilates and his method of “Contrology” as a young professional dancer in New York City in 1965. As a physical therapist, she realized this method was a means to make her a better, stronger dancer. This proved to be correct and Sonje is eternally grateful to Joe for that gift. Sonje’s dream was to create the first contemporary dance company in South Africa. On her return to SA, Sonje found that “Contrology” was the most accessible method to train the wealth of raw black talent.

In 1976, Sonje formed the first multi-racial dance company at the height of the ‘Apartheid’ era. Her only regret is that she never had the opportunity to tell Joe that how effectively she managed to mold dancers using the Pilates Mat method. Sonje is a Pilates Master Instructor based in Nashville, Tennessee. She fervently believes the following: “I received the best foundation from Joe Pilates and Martha Graham, but I am still learning every day.”

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