Sonje Mayo Upcoming Workshop at Studio: Define Busan, South Korea

February 22, 2023

March 31st - April 2nd, 2023

It is an honor to introduce Pilates Instructor Sonje Mayo, who was directly taught by Joseph Pilates, to Korea for the first time. 

조셉 필라테스로부터 직접 가르침을 받으신 Sonje  Mayo 선생님을 국내에 처음으로 소개해드릴 수 있어서 영광입니다. 

Day 1: Common Spinal Condition and How Pilates Helps (4 hour course)
Followed by Mat Workshop (2 hour course)

Through the mat workshop, we will have time to find out the condition of each individual's spine and learn through practice and theory how to apply Pilates according to the condition of different spines.

매트 워크샵을 통해 각 개인의 다른 척추의 컨디션을 찾아보고 어떤 식으로 필라테스를 각기 다른 척추의 컨디션에 따라 적용하게 될 지 실기와 이론을 통해 배워보는 시간을 가지겠습니다.

Day 2: Scoliosis Day (5 hour course)
Followed by Spinal extension workshop (1 hour course)

실제 척추측만을 가진 케이스와 자료를 대상으로 이론과 실기를 필라테스에 어떻게 적용하는지 배워보는 시간을 가지고 척추의 신전에 대한 부분을 깊게 이해해보는 시간을 가지겠습니다.

Day 3: Function of the Foot and How to Relate to Pilates (1 hour course)
The Hip Joint: Hip Issues and Pilates (2 hour course)
Neck and Shoulder (2 hour course)
Pilates History from Sonje (1 hour course)

많은 풋웍을 가지고 있는 필라테스에서 발의 기능은 어떻게 연관되어 있을까? 실제 고객들에게 많이 발생하는 다양한 골반이나 고관절의 문제점들에 대한 적용법과 목이나 어깨 주변에 대한 접근법,  마지막으로 손제 마요에게서 직접 들어보는 그녀가 기억하는 필라테스와 그 뒷 이야기를 들어보는 소중한 시간을 준비했습니다.



Add. 부산시 해운대구 센텀동로 9, 트럼프월드센텀 상가 213호
213 Trumpworld centum, 9 Centumdong-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea


Tel. 82-(0)51-742-3424

Mobile. 82-(0)10-3052-1202



ABOUT SONJE MAYO | Dancer, Choreographer, Physical therapist and Pilates Instructor.

Sonjé Mayo was born in South Africa in 1945. At barely four years old, she went to her first classical ballet class and never looked back!

After certifying as a physical therapist at the University of Cape Town, her career as a professional dancer took her to London, England, and then to the USA where she studied jazz dance initially with Luigi and then contemporary dance at the Martha Graham School in NYC. It was here at the Graham School where Sonjé had the privilege of meeting Joseph Pilates. The few Pilates sessions she had with Joseph Pilates, and later with Romana Kryzanowska proved to have a profound influence on Sonje’s future.