PILATISTIC® presents SONJE MAYO - Being Creative on the Spine Corrector

October 28, 2020

PILATISTIC® Virtual Studio brings to you the unique opportunity to learn from elder Sonje Mayo, one of the few teachers in the world who had the privilege to meet and study with Joseph Pilates. In this occasion, Sonje shares her creativity and genuine perspective of the Method using the Spine Corrector.

As the name implies, the Spine Corrector it is a superb tool to correct the spine by strengthening, lengthening and creating awareness.

Transferring the Mat class on the Spine Corrector is challenging and very demanding. The shape of the barrel stimulates proprioception and provides excellent neural feedback. This neural connection is extremely valuable and undoubtedly will enhance your Pilates practice.

Hop on your Spine Corrector and be ready to receive personal guidance from Sonje! She will invite a different student each time to demonstrate the exercise and work through the whole repertoire.



  • Saturday Nov 7th, 2020

    • @ 5:00p - 7:00p CET

  • Address: Carrer del Centre, 14 B  08391 Tiana, Barcelona
    Phone: +34 934 657 630


About Pilatistic

Pilates is a functional training with over 100 years of existence which main goal is to improve the quality of the human being through corrective exercises. At PILATISTIC Old School Pilates we respect the tradition of the Method and therefore, like Joe, we work for all our clients to achieve a healthy and athletic body regardless of age, lifestyle or medical history. We individually assess the initial state of all students and, from there, evolve them into balance to maximize their physical potential. And this process is carried out in an atmosphere of happiness and harmony due to the passion we feel for our profession and the trust we have in our work. 



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