Finally! New Online Format Of Our Acclaimed Master's Degree!

January 26, 2021

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What an unexpected year we've left behind, right? We've all gone through so much, both at a personal and professional level... But the truth is that, even during challenging times like the ones we've lived in 2020, there's always a way to learn, grow and overcome adversity. However, in order to turn around the situation, one needs to be prepared, acquire new skills and become stronger for yet to come. 

We know that you've had to adapt your teaching to the online format. Create new ways of communication and find solutions to try to maintain your business afloat, despite lockdowns and social distancing. And deal with the loss of clients who didn't adapt to virtual lessons or couldn't afford your services anymore. The truth is that having to adjust to changes in a daily basis is exhausting and, after all these months of struggles and unforeseen occurrences, it is very comprehensible that you feel drained. 

So finally, 2021 is here, and you are eager, like everyone else, to recover from the effects of such a devastating world situation. But the reality is that it's not going to be easy and, only those who invest in oneself and enhance their aptitudes, will actually have the tools to comeback even stronger than before all this started. And this is precisely why we're here. We are committed to help you grow and prosper.



We are very fortunate to share our unique vision of health and movement at conferences and events around the world - of course, this year has been around the virtual world ;). The global perspective of the Pilates Method acquired abroad drove us years ago to create our acclaimed masters’ degree PILATISTIC®. Today, teachers from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela and the United States have experienced this transforming program.

And for the first time ever, with the intention to give access to high quality education despite where in the world you are, we are offering a brand new format of our teachers’ program, taught in-the-studio and online simultaneously. Yes!  Now you can also take your career to the next level from the comfort of your studio and experience this one of a kind master’s degree that has already empowered many teachers from around the world! So, it’s up to you! You can choose what option is best for you. From our end, we guarantee a breaking through learning experience whether online or in-the-studio!

Never before have we made an offer like this at such an accessible price! Plus we are giving away a hand-full of FREE BONUSES!

==> Discover This Unique Opportunity of Apprenticeship Here <==

Be ready to Enhance Your Teaching Skills, Learn How To Read The Body In Front Of You and Create Transforming Workouts For Your Clients! 
We are super excited for this top-notch apprenticeship that is finally accessible to all the amazing professionals like you who form the wonderful worldwide Pilates community! 
We would really love you to join us in this groundbreaking experience, 

Marian & Miguel
Founders of PILATISTIC®


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About Pilatistic

Pilates is a functional training with over 100 years of existence which main goal is to improve the quality of the human being through corrective exercises. At PILATISTIC Old School Pilates we respect the tradition of the Method and therefore, like Joe, we work for all our clients to achieve a healthy and athletic body regardless of age, lifestyle or medical history. We individually assess the initial state of all students and, from there, evolve them into balance to maximize their physical potential. And this process is carried out in an atmosphere of happiness and harmony due to the passion we feel for our profession and the trust we have in our work. 



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