Written by Jennifer DeLuca



As the owner of BodyTonic Pilates Gymnasium and more importantly, a Pilates lover, I am always down to talk about this magical method. I am constantly amazed that there are still people out there who have no idea what Pilates is--or even worse, that they imagine it to be an hour of stretching for fashion models! Pilates is magical and mysterious, body-changing and often life-changing. With our VIMEO channel set up and facebook out there to share it with the Pilates community and beyond, I figured it's time to show the world the myriad ways we get to challenge our bodies on this amazing equipment. So for the entire month of June with a video a day, we will demonstrate it, and celebrate it! As a team at BodyTonic we are sharing our enthusiasm and joy for the genius that is Mr. Pilates' work. Especially for those of us who are classically trained, as our elders pass, we feel a yearning to share and to give some permanence to this mouth to ear, body to body tradition. We hope that you enjoy our #summerstrong campaign as much as we all enjoyed creating it.
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Written by Andrea Maida



When I began my lessons at Excel Pilates, one of the studio offerings was “Solo Pilates sessions.”

This option was inexpensive. My budget was slim.

One had to be approved to go solo, of course. There was a teacher in the room, but you were essentially on your own.

With this newfound independence came responsibility, for yourself and for the apparatus. You needed to know the exercises, how many to do, springs, straps, safety concerns, etc… Quite a lofty aspiration having had only a few sessions on the Reformer at that point.

Eventually I had enough experience to gain approval and I scheduled my first solo session.

I received a sheet of paper containing the rules – sorry, guidelines – I was to follow.

Top of the list?

Do not eliminate exercises that you do not like.

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Hosted by True Pilates Italia



On May 10th 2015 True Pilates Italia hosted a Continuing Education for Romana's Pilates Instructors, and an Intermediate seminar for students. Every year Sari Mejia Santo, Romana's daughter, visits the studio to teach to teachers and students, like Romana was used to do. Many instructors from Italy and Europe joined us to learn directly from Sari.

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Gratz Industries is proud to support Island Dolphin Care developed and operated by Romana trained instructor Kerri Bender. This donation of Gratz Pilates apparatus to Kerri's initiative is aimed at helping Island Dolphin care and the veterans from the Wounded Warrior Project to work on Gratz Pilates apparatus. We believe this is a great continuation of the legacy of Joseph Pilates and a wonderful application of the work. We encourage our friends and family in the Gratz Pilates Community to support Kerri and the members of our Armed Forces and Island Dolphin Care.

Island Dolphin Care is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization specializing in Dolphin Human therapy programs. For over 20 years they have been providing programs to individuals with special needs and more recently to hundreds of veterans wounded in combat each year. Your donations to this program will provide the funding necessary to offer supportive instruction to those in need.
We are grateful for your support!

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Written by MeJo Wiggin


The shorter the frame, the greater the angle of the straps as you reach up. This creates even more resistance.

“It’s not a machine, it’s an apparatus! A machine works
you...an apparatus, you have to work it.”
- Romana Kryzanowska

Throughout my years of study with Romana, I can still recall her being so adamant about teaching and practicing exclusively on Gratz™ apparatus. Her studio was filled with Joe Pilates’ original equipment or replicas made by Gratz™ Industries. Whenever Romana would teach at another studio that used a variety of equipment, she would insist on only teaching on the Gratz™ apparatus. In fact, the other equipment was often moved off to the side of the studio. Regardless of how many students she had in her seminar, she wanted each student to experience Joe’s work strictly on the Gratz™ apparatus, as she said it was an integral part of Joes’ work.

After my certification from Romana in 1996, I opened one of the first Classical Pilates studios in Connecticut. It was here, through my own teaching where I began to understand Romana’s dedication and unswerving commitment to teaching Pilates strictly on Gratz™ apparatus.

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