The Pilates Business Podcast - With Seran Glanfield

June 30, 2021

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A show for Pilates studio owners and teachers who are ready to grow their business and develop their marketing skills. Your host Seran Glanfield shares her insight and experience helping hundreds of studios find success in the online space and in brick and mortar studios. Here we discuss all the things that you need to know about business and marketing in the boutique fitness world. From marketing, sales processes, pricing and referral programs to management, leadership and planning... this is the resource you’ve been waiting for!

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Seran has been working and consulting in the wonderful world of fitness and wellness for over 10 years, helping studio owners transform and grow their business with practical tools and tons of insight and support.

She is uber passionate about supporting studio owners to build a profitable and sustainable business with the right combination of proven tactics, strategic thinking and industry expertise.

Seran is a Certified MINDBODY Business Consultant, a Certified Pilates teacher (Romana’s Pilates) and has a degree in Management from the London School of Economics.


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