Pilates Reformer Exercises - 20 Minutes Teacher’s Workout

Written by Yung Ok Yoo


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The complete (Advance) reformer repertoire (excluding the archival, super advance and variations) has about 56 exercises — with the goal of a 45 minute workout. Having said this, at times in between clients when pressed for time and energy, I often default to a modified routine that embodies Pilates’ modus operandi of Strength, Control and Flexibility.

As teachers, outside of teaching we sometimes forget about our own body maintenance. I can’t stress enough the importance of staying strong and focused in Mind and body. To be energised and fit is pivotal to one’s own understanding to teach and assist others in their strength building.

It is important to stay focused while teaching and the best way is to stay strong in Mind, Body and Spirit!

Please note:
This workout is for strong Advanced level instructors that are familiar with the traditional method — Romana’s Pilates Method & Classical (USA) Pilates. It is absolutely not suitable for people who are at beginner or intermediate level.



Pilates Reformer Exercises - Teacher’s workout — 20 minutes/ full repetitions

Footwork Series
Lengthens the hip, works the powerhouse and stretches the legs

The Hundred
Wouldn’t be much of a Pilates workout if you didn’t include this… works the powerhouse and oxygenates the blood and warms the body

Works control and strengthen entire body

Rowing Series
Stretches and strengthens the upper and lower back, works the hips and posture

Stomach Massage Series
Stretches the back line and works the powerhouse imparticular the hips and lower back

Articulates the spine and stretches the upper back and works control and symmetry

Chest Expansion
Opens the chest, works the upper back, posture and lengthens hips

Thigh Stretch
Lengthens the powerhouse and thighs. Opens upper back and strengthens lower back in extension

Arm Circles
Works balance and verticality of powerhouse, stretches the hips works arms and upper back and shoulders

Standing Squats
Challenges balance, strength and control

Co-ordination and control. Works full body

Works the lower powerhouse and opens chest

Long Spine Massage
Works and lengthen hips, articulates spine and strengthen shoulders

Knees Off (Of The Knee Stretch Series)
20 - 30 reps — Works hips and strengthens thighs, and powerhouse

Lengthening out the body and working control

Side Splits
Works balance, control and strengthen hip and gluts


Author’s Note
Without sacrificing control, good form and intention, this reformer pilates workout should be completed in 20 minutes with full repetitions for a cardiovascular workout. Try it out and enjoy!




True Pilates Sydney Studio

About True Pilates Sydney Studio

“My Passion for the True Pilates method stems from my own evolution in exercise. Pilates has given me strength and discipline in body and mind”
- Yung Ok Yoo, Owner & Instructor


My introduction to Pilates was one that was not unusual - I had an old injury and through a friend I heard about Pilates. I was skeptical at first, as my understanding of exercise was limited. After a few months I was hooked. Pilates was everything I wanted and needed in exercise - it was fun, dynamic, both physically and mentally challenging and disciplined. It pushed my boundaries in terms of strength and focused my control in Body and Mind. Through the discovery of my own strength, I was a believer of the Method. I was so inspired by the Pilates Method, I started my Pilates apprenticeship with Cynthia Lochard at The Pilates Method, Surry Hills - where I still have my weekly sessions. At that time I was managing a restaurant and ran a small Interior decorating business customizing artworks for different buyers - commercial, corporate and residential - so my move into the exercise world was one that was serendipitous and life changing.

I still maintain my weekly session with Cynthia Lochard and travel to New York regularly. In NYC, I continue my tutelage with Master teacher trainers Jerome Weinberg & Cynthia Shipley from True Pilates New York (TPNY), Anthony Rabara from The Anthony Rabara Pilates Studio in New Jersey and Peter Fiasca - founder of Classical Pilates. All of these trainers worked closely with the late Romana Kryzanowska (Joseph Pilates' protege). As well as NYC, I have travelled to Singapore, Paris, London and trained with various international teachers.

In 2013, I opened True Pilates Sydney Studio because I felt there were very few Pilates studios in Sydney that focused and honoured the True Pilates Method - hence I named my studio 'True Pilates Sydney'.

Through my own teachings I hope to inspire, train and educate others in the art of Pilates as I have been inspired in my own training and journey.

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