Kicking Off The New Year With A 30 Day Pilates Challenge

Written by Jennyfer Gonzales, Pilates Teacher at Sportspilates



So to kick off 2018, I will be doing the 30 session challenge. No chicken out! Looking myself in the mirror I really don’t like what I’m seeing at the moment. As a Pom dancer/ cheerleader I used to be fit and full of energy. I’m retired from the dance scene now and instead I’m tired and bit overweight and have quite a few injuries.

So I decided to do something about it! As a pilatesteacher at Sportspilates it’s also a question of pride to be able to show the incredible strength that you get through Pilates training.

With the support of Gratz Pilates and our friends Pilatesology, we are kickstarting the new year. A new year and a new me!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect “the perfect bikini body” in four weeks but I still expect a bit more toned and of course a stronger body. Wish me luck! And join me!

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Kicking Off The New Year With A 30 Day Pilates Challenge



"In ten sessions you feel the difference, in twenty sessions you will see the difference and in thirty sessions you will have a whole new body.”
- Joseph Pilates


Kicking Off The New Year With A 30 Day Pilates Challenge


I’ve decided to do a Pilates 30 sessions challenge. Starting January 15th, the next four weeks I’m going to document how I feel and what difference doing Pilates on a daily basis will do for my wellbeing and body.


Lets create a new life and some fun, join me in the challenge! You can start at any time. Check out the rules here at Pilatesology.


You can go fundamental with all basics, beginners level, intermediate or advanced. Pilates is all about you improving your life and wellbeing, not pushing to hard and be someonelse. Be you!


For the challenge we will do pilates every day! We can do the workout at home our in the studio. Just anywhere, but remember to document and lets do this together! A new year, a new us and a new me. It is worth it! Let´s do pilates!



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About Pilatesology

Pilatesology is the result of my desire to share the magic!All of the teachers you find on our site were trained by Romana Kryzanowska, or in the case of Jay Grimes, by Joe Pilates himself. In fact, you’ll find more classes with Romana’s most respected teachers on Pilatesology than anywhere else.


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The vision is to bring the real pilates to Scandinavia, present apparatus to a market not aware of the existence of such and the success is a fact! Sportspilates was founded in 2007, but in 2011 Sweden Sportspilates Inc. moved into Svettishuset (The house of Sweat), built in 1910 for health promotive training in Uppsala, Sweden.

The studio has hosted workshops and seminars with Peter Fiasca, MeJo Wiggin, Mari Winsor and hope to be able to serve as a platform in the Gratz pilates community and its many talented teachers. It is first of all a Pilates Studio, but so many people showed up with serious injuries it made sense to hire a physical therapist to join the team. And a good Swedish massage is a wonderful addition to a hard pilates workout.



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