Angie's Pilates Haus comes to San Diego Feb 9th

Angie's Pilates Haus



Grand Opening in San Diego. A fun night with Pilates demonstrations, drinks and hors d'oeuvre.

Date: February 9th, 2019 / 6p - 9p PST

Location: 3969 4th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103-3109, United States

Phone: (619)-818-0960






A native Floridian, Angela started learning movement at a young age. She trained to be a professional ballerina her whole childhood. In 2004 Angela encountered a back injury and her doctor recommended Pilates. She became an avid student at Balanced Bodyworks for the next several years for injury prevention and cross-training. In 2009 Angela moved to San Diego to join the City Ballet of San Diego as a professional ballerina. Toward the end of her career in 2013 is when she decided to go deeper into Pilates and get certified through Armone’s Core Connection. A year later, she furthered her Classical education with Pukka Pilates & Physical Therapy’s Bridge Program and became certified with the Pilates Method Alliance.

As a professional Pilates instructor, Angela seeks to inspire her clients to move with ease and learn the capabilities of their bodies. She works with students of all ages and levels, from professional athletes to baby boomers and adolescents. Angela and her clients work together to understand the functional movement patterns that will help clients achieve their goals and long lasting results. It gives her pure joy to teach the Pilates Method in the manner Joseph Pilates intended it to be taught. She believes that the Pilates Method is capable of transforming minds and bodies into optimal health and condition.

Angela continues to practice throughout the year with her mentor and teacher Moses Urbano. When Moses is out of town she continues her training with Susannah & Sam Cotrone and Chris Robinson, all students of Romana Kryzanowska, herself a student of Joseph Pilates. Every year she attends two to three workshops on furthering her Pilates education, and when she’s not practicing Pilates, you can find her at a ballet class or practicing her cello.



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Angie's Pilates Haus

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