Touching And Spotting With Junghee Won

Written by Elaine Ewing



I knew I wanted to host a workshop with Junghee for a number of reasons. Most importantly, Junghee was my teacher during my teacher training program at The New York Pilates Studio, so I feel a connection to her that I like to maintain on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Second, Junghee has a special way of teaching teachers that I just wanted to share with everyone. She balances firmness with kindness, strictness with humor, and clarity with understanding. She has a way of making you trust her completely, and believing that you can do what you didn’t think you were capable of. She takes you to the next level in your own practice and in your teaching. She is the complete package!

I have hosted many workshops at my studio like this one and have learned a thing or two about how to pull them off successfully. First and foremost, the teacher and the topic are the biggest draw. I have found that teachers closest to the Romana lineage and workshop topics based most closely on classical pilates are the biggest successes. It’s also very helpful if the teacher is featured on Pilatesology, so they are more well recognized and people want to attend their workshops. Also, a wide reach in advertising the workshop goes a long way. It takes all of these things for people to know about the event- Facebook events, facebook shares and posts, listing on the Gratz website, my own website, and studio newsletters. Last but not least, I host teachers I like personally and feel connected to. That connection can be sensed and goes a long way in helping the attendees feel happier and excited during and after the workshop.

I highly recommend Junghee Won to other studio owners who want to host classical pilates workshops at their studio. She is very approachable and a lovely guest. Just contact her and ask!



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