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As the owner of BodyTonic Pilates Gymnasium and more importantly, a Pilates lover, I am always down to talk about this magical method. I am constantly amazed that there are still people out there who have no idea what Pilates is--or even worse, that they imagine it to be an hour of stretching for fashion models! Pilates is magical and mysterious, body-changing and often life-changing. With our VIMEO channel set up and facebook out there to share it with the Pilates community and beyond, I figured it's time to show the world the myriad ways we get to challenge our bodies on this amazing equipment. So for the entire month of June with a video a day, we will demonstrate it, and celebrate it! As a team at BodyTonic we are sharing our enthusiasm and joy for the genius that is Mr. Pilates' work. Especially for those of us who are classically trained, as our elders pass, we feel a yearning to share and to give some permanence to this mouth to ear, body to body tradition. We hope that you enjoy our #summerstrong campaign as much as we all enjoyed creating it.
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BodyTonic Pilates Gymnasium

Welcome to BodyTonic, a full service Pilates Gymnasium in Brooklyn, NY. Owner Jennifer DeLuca brings the legacy of Joseph H. Pilates to Brooklyn, with the specialized classical Pilates apparatus, exercises and a profound dedication to overall health. Jennifer, her esteemed staff and the services they offer are an antidote to what ails you. Since 1999, BodyTonic has maintained a safe, unpretentious and energizing environment, steeped in the Pilates method, where people can feel empowered, challenge their bodies and gain the confidence that increased agility and strength yields. Pilates works for all ages and fitness levels, whether your 17 or 77, a exercise-phobe or an elite athlete, we can deliver the classical Pilates method to you and your body will feel improved almost instantly.

BodyTonic offers private, semi-private, and group class training on the Pilates equipment, all taught by our team of intelligent, thoughtful, and experienced instructors. For maximum results, we recommend training at least twice per week. We are happy to help you design a workout program that is motivating, convenient and affordable.

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Bodytonic Pilates Gymnasium
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