Written by Christina Maria Gadar and Illustrated by Taís Haydée Gadar



  • The most creative and imaginative book about Pilates.
  • Illustrated by a talented 8 year old Pilates student.
  • Pilates photography modeled by children (ages 8 and 10). An educational book about Joe Pilates and the history of his equipment.
  • A children’s Pilates book that will inform and inspire readers of ALL ages.


Enter a world where push-up devices become damselflies and mats become flying carpets. Learn about an imaginative man who turned wheelchairs and beer barrels into exercise equipment. "Discovering Joe Pilates" introduces readers to the amazing inventor behind the Pilates Method and displays the whimsical side of Pilates' inventions as seen through the eyes of children. Readers will be delighted by the whimsical illustrations, captivated by the history of Joe's inventions, and might even get a chuckle from the silly poems. This not-so-typical children's book blends the genius of Joe Pilates and the imagination of children into a book sure to please readers of all ages. Reading level: Grade 3 and up. Note: A portion of the royalties from this book will be donated to The Benjamin Gilkey Fund for Innovative Pediatric Cancer Research.

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Written by Yung Ok Yoo


Urban Walkbout featuring True Pilates Sydney

Urban Walkbout is a national digital and printed publication city guide that focuses what is happening in the major cities around Australia in arts, events, food and health. Each publication centres on festivities and local business within urban landscape that is our community.

After 4 years in this community, True Pilates Sydney Studio wanted to formally introduce itself and Romana’s Pilates to the community. With so many Pilates methods available in an around the area, we felt it was important to explain our point of difference as a Romana’s Pilates studio. We are proud to be part of the Romana’s Pilates community in delivering the best Pilates training method.

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By Jean-Claude Nelson
Bluebird Pilates Munich – Pilates in München


Floating Arm Chair | Variations on the Pilates Arm Chair By Jean-Claude Nelson | Bluebird Pilates Munich – Pilates in München

Floating Arm Chair | Variations on the Pilates Arm Chair By Jean-Claude Nelson


About Jean-Claude Nelson
Jean-Claude Nelson was born in Munich. At the age of 8, he started studying classical and modern ballet at the Munich Academy of Music. After 10 years, he graduated with a diploma and was immediately engaged by the Bavarian State Ballet. Soon he moved abroad and danced as a soloist with the London City Ballet, the Ballet of Monte Carlo and the Ballet of the Opera of Lyon.

After intense international tours through Europe, Asia, North and South America, Jean-Claude suffered a serious knee injury that forced him to interrupt his career. In this difficult period of life he learned the Pilates method.

He was so enthusiastic about the positive results of the training that he decided to put all his energy into a two-year study of the authentic Pilates method. He began his training in The Hague with Marjorie Oron and worked with Romana Krysanowska ,Sari Meija Santo, Sabina Formichella, Philippe Taupin, Jane Poerwoatmodjo and Henry Rushing among others. He received his diploma in 2006 from the internationally renowned master teacher Romana Krysanowska (True Pilates New York, Romanaʻs Pilates).

Jean-Claude returned to France in order to work as a freelance artist and independent Pilates instructor. He also taught Pilates in Monaco, Lyon, The Hague, Amsterdam, London, New York and Paris. In order to deepen his educational expertise, he trained further as a state-certified dance teacher in France in 2010.

In 2012, he decided to return to his home city of Munich to found the Bluebird Pilates studio.

On request, Jean-Claude teaches in English, German and French language.

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Written by Seran Glanfield


Design Your Pilates Business


It’s natural at this time of year to take stock of what you have achieved over the past year and question what the future holds. Do you know where you are taking your business? Do you have a goal and a plan, or are you jumping from one good idea to the next without really knowing where you are heading?

If so, you are not alone. Pushing for bigger and wanting more (but, without a clear direction) can leave you quickly feeling overwhelmed.

And, I see it all the time when I speak with business owners. Whether you have a lot of momentum in your studio business or your are just starting to fill your schedule with clients, it’s natural to begin to wonder; what next? Where should I go from here?

All strategic planning begins with a vision for the future. Until you know where you are going you can’t create a plan. And, I know that the vision you have for your business is out there. Perhaps you just need a little encouragement to define it.

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Written by Seran Glanfield


What It takes To Be A Good Manager


When I work with studio’s that are thriving, it is always pretty clear that much of the success comes from the attitude, planning, and skill-set of the leader in that business. I find that good managers, especially those that manage small teams, often share the same mindset and have similar character traits.

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Written by Yael Bizouati


I lost my beautiful teenage son four years ago.

He was the love of my life, a magical soul and the most impressive human being I’ve ever come across.

Writing about my grief as a mother is not an easy task. I want to share my experience of grief, loss and especially how a practice of Pilates, among other things, has helped me navigate this thing some call a “journey,” but I call hell.

One of the multiple beautiful aspects of the Pilates method, and one of its core tenets, is the focus on the mind-body connection—something I discovered with the practice and something I continue to delve into now that I’m an instructor. This belief is not rooted in religion or spirituality (although one can, of course, bring spirituality to the practice) but rather rooted in the belief that the mind and the body cannot properly work disjointedly.

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Written by Kerri Bender


It began as a simple idea, really just a musing, about offering free Pilates training to assist in the rehabilitation of injured United States veterans. I remember sitting in the hospital room with my ailing father, Bob, himself a veteran, when I had the idea. Truly, I had nothing to lose by asking, so sitting there in that hospital room I wrote an email to David Rosencrans at Gratz Industries to explain my idea: together, in cooperation with Island Dolphin Care, we can offer injured U.S veterans the benefits of Pilates.

At Island Dolphin Care in Key Largo, Florida, veterans and children with special needs from all around the world come to rehabilitate by swimming with the dolphins in therapeutic sessions. The founders of IDC have a son, Joe, a Pilates client of mine who was on the surgical table as an infant for a heart defect when he had a stroke. It affected his left side in both development and strength. There were also issues regarding his short term memory after the stroke. Joe’s parents worked tirelessly to rehabilitate Joe, and Deena, his mother, a social worker by trade, saw the amazing progress Joe made with dolphin therapy. That convinced her to create Island Dolphin Care. Then, seeing the awesome progress that Joe made with his work in the Pilates method over the past two years, they became believers. So, when asked to offer Pilates at IDC, they were immediately supportive and excited. Gratz Industries also replied quickly and optimistically to my request by immediately shipping a Pilates conversion table to Island Dolphin Care.

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Written by Yung Ok Yoo


True Pilates Sydney Studio

The complete (Advance) reformer repertoire (excluding the archival, super advance and variations) has about 56 exercises — with the goal of a 45 minute workout. Having said this, at times in between clients when pressed for time and energy, I often default to a modified routine that embodies Pilates’ modus operandi of Strength, Control and Flexibility.

As teachers, outside of teaching we sometimes forget about our own body maintenance. I can’t stress enough the importance of staying strong and focused in Mind and body. To be energised and fit is pivotal to one’s own understanding to teach and assist others in their strength building.

It is important to stay focused while teaching and the best way is to stay strong in Mind, Body and Spirit!

Please note:
This workout is for strong Advanced level instructors that are familiar with the traditional method — Romana’s Pilates Method & Classical (USA) Pilates. It is absolutely not suitable for people who are at beginner or intermediate level.

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Written by Elaine Ewing


When I start a pilates workout on my Gratz equipment, I take a moment to settle into place before I start to move. And in that moment, my body and the shape of the equipment become one entity, two halves molding together to become one whole. Because, that’s what the apparatus is designed to do. From the shape of the shoulder blocks on the reformer to the curved edge of the Wunda Chair - each part of every piece of equipment is designed to hug the shapes of the body throughout all the exercises. And this is the genius of the equipment design. Always there, offering me answers throughout my practice.


Flying Eagle On The Cadillac | Something Moves By Elaine Ewing | Rhinebeck Pilates

Flying Eagle On The Cadillac | Something Moves By Elaine Ewing


Like the in and out of the springs, my mind and body begin to move together and the carriage follows. No parts or pieces are in control of the other. All elements work together to create the effortless power of doing pilates. It’s a song we’ve heard a million times, but at the same time, leaves room for improvisation. A balance of push and pull, control and stretch, inhaling and exhaling, knowing and not knowing. The springs keeping rhythm while a trio of mind, body, and equipment tests the limits to keep in balance together.

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Written by Andrea Maida



It’s been said that Joe’s Cadillac apparatus received its name from a mid-century General Motors’ Cadillac advertisement which declared the car to be “the best of its kind.”

Would vintage Cadillac adverts help me to locate the specific ad?

I’m curious.
Could this story be true?

Well, the roots of the Cadillac name may need to be relegated to the category of “more myths about Joe Pilates and his apparatus.”

Oh, but vintage Cadillac ads would please Joe Pilates GREATLY. They kinda sound like him.

The Cadillac ads of the 40s and 50s share the same emphatic tone we find in JP’s manifesto, Return to Life.

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Written by Andrea Maida


Episode 1 - Thanks Order Of The Pilates Exercises: Mat Transitions With Andrea Maida | True Pilates Solana Beach

In celebration of March MATness 2016 Andrea Maida was happy to share with us her 10 part video series on how to tighten up your transitions between Mat exercises. Working steadily and at a brisk pace, these effective transitions on the mat will allow you to finish all 38 exercises in about 25 minutes. If this series of exercises is still quite a challenge and you are not in the custom of doing them all in rapid succession, please take care of yourselves. 

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Written by Yung Ok Yoo


EAT. DRINK. PILATES - 2016 | True Pilates Sydney


It has been 3 years since True Pilates Sydney opened its studio doors in Surry Hills, Sydney. To celebrated this milestone, we created the event idea of EAT. DRINK. PILATES. It was a night to honour and acknowledge the many thanks we owe to our clients, friends and the Pilates community for their continued support and dedication.

The night was a melting pot of different people — all of which came with a common Spirit of Pilates. Clients came (minus active wear) in their dedication to Pilates. Friends of the studio came with curiosity and the Pilates community of the Romana’s Pilates came in full force to show their support.

The title of the event EAT. DRINK. PILATES couldn't have been more accurate. We ate, we drank and then we… (well — Cole Mccallion and I) did Pilates as a demonstration.

Also — thank you to Master trainer Cynthia Lochard who participated in our demonstration. Cynthia has been there from the very start of my Pilates journey and still remains my powerhouse of encouragement and guidance to this day.

Thank you again to all of the clients that have been part of True Pilates Sydney’s journey. We are very fortunate and proud to be in such fabulous company. We look forward to seeing you at EAT. DRINK. PILATES 2017!

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