November 1st, 2020 | Webinar

Gratz Pilates is proud to continue our support for TEAM WINSOR PILATES and the upcoming ALS ASSOCIATION GOLDEN WEST CHAPTER'S VIRTUAL WALK TO DEFEAT ALS — Our friend SAUL CHOZA LEADS THE WARM-UP as we raise awareness and remember our beloved Mari Winsor and her amazing life!

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A fun night with Pilates demonstrations, drinks and hors d'oeuvre.


February 9th, 2019 | San Diego, California

Grand Opening in San Diego. A fun night with Pilates demonstrations, drinks and hors d'oeuvre.

Joseph Pilates put it best, “Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.” I enjoy seeing those words manifest in my clients’ work and love witnessing the improvements that happen in their bodies.

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It's Just Pilates With Moses And Ken



Next weekend our friends Moses Urbano and Ken Heizman are teaching a workshop to benefit all those who’ve lost their homes in Ken’s neighborhood, Ken included. We at Gratz are happy to support this event by donating apparatus to help raise funds.

Please reserve your spot at the Studio for the workshop. Requested donation is $100, or whatever you can is much appreciated - join us for snacks and drinks immediately after and observe Private Pilates Sessions guided by Moses and Ken.

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Olga Burkova | Mind Body Studio



World and European Champion in sports aerobics and international presenter (master classes given at the largest and most prestigious fitness conventions in the world: England, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Finland, Israel, Mexico and USA).

Olga is the first Russian instructor who was invited to conduct master classes on the world's largest annual convention for fitness professionals IDEA.

She is author of the first book in Russian about the Pilates method, PhD of Pedagogic, certified Romana's Pilates trainer, level 4.

Olga has 25 years of experience in fitness and 18 years of teaching Pilates.

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Simona Cipriani


Simona Cipriani | Art of Control | Gratz Archive Reformer


Welcome to The Art of Control Pilates Studio in Stamford, Connecticut. I’m Simona Cipriani, owner of The Art of Control Pilates Studio and Educational Director of The Art and Science of Contrology Pilates Instructor Training.

We are thrilled to announce that we have received our new Archive Reformer by Gratz Industries! I would like to take this opportunity to go over the differences between the Archive Reformer versus other Gratz Reformers we have at the studio. To "Test Drive" the Gratz Archive Reformer, you can book your visit by calling (203) 973 7262 or visit our website at

Let's go over the noticeable differences when performing the basic reformer sequence.

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Contrology Pilates Studio



Shoulder Blocks
I love the shorter shoulder blocks. They ‘embrace’ your shoulder in a different way when you laid down. Even on Stomach Massage hands back, was for some of my clients with tight shoulders a difference, because the hands are placed a little lower, so they did not sink that fast into their shoulders.

The thinner and harder foam on the carriage is so much better, at least for me. I have a small scoliosis, now I feel much better how my back is laid down on the carriage. Short Spine massage is one of those exercises where I feel a huge difference when articulating down. Plus it has the same effect if you take off the padding off the footbar. You feel better connected with the Reformer.

The O-ring on the straps are pretty smart – it happens that sometimes the handle and strap would not rotate freely, and that doesn’t happen anymore. And the 80” Reformer length and the shorter leather straps help in the rowing series and I feel so much better connected.

Gear Position
The deeper gear position seems to be safer when you change the gear.

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Written by Roberta Gratz


The year we were married,1965, Donald told me he was making some equipment for Henri Bendel’s department store. He didn’t explain what it was, just that it was an ‘apparatus.’ He explained that he had gone to the studio of the man who designed the apparatus and that it was some new kind of exercise equipment. I don’t remember if he told me that the studio belonged to a man named Joe Pilates; it would have meant nothing to me at the time.

I had been learning about Donald’s metal fabrication business (started in the 1920s by his father and a partner) since before we were married. I was especially interested in the big name sculptors and architects he was working for. I was fascinated, as well, by the variety of ‘oddities’ he was fabricating.

What he described to me sounded weird (who had ever heard the name Pilates before?) but Bendel’s? Well, that meant something to me as far as top of the line fashion goes.

Left Image:Romana Kryzanowska. Photo courtesy of Daria Pace


Time went on. I did not get access to any Bendel’s discounts and he was doing other things that interested me more. After all, I was a newspaper reporter at the New York Post covering all sorts of city development issues, including planning, architectural design, the art world and neighborhood change. And he was working for the best of them: Barnet Newman, Isamu Noguchi, I.M. Pei and Phillip Johnson.


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Written by Kira Lamb


When you’re a two-time Muay Thai Kickboxing Champion like Chris Robinson you value tradition, legacy, and respect for one’s teachers. As an International Pilates teacher himself, Chris honors his mentors Romana Kryzanowska and Jay Grimes with the conscious intention of preserving what Joesph Pilates passed on to them; and them to him. Not just the technical elements of each exercise and how they progressively and systematically fit into his Method; but also the spirit of the work. That spirit is about getting people to move while skillfully guiding them....

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