Sonjé Mayo In Israel at Orly Oren Classic Pilates Studio


Sonjé Mayo In Israel at Orly Oren Classic Pilates Studio

Orly Oren Classic Pilates Studio is honored to be hosting Sonjé Mayo for a weekend of classes and workshops geared toward instructors, health professionals, and Pilates enthusiasts. This is a rare opportunity to hear from a world-renowned instructor who had the great privilege of being taught personally by Joseph Pilates himself, as well as his student Romana Kryzanowska.



Date: February 6th – 8th & 10th, 2018

Location: the suzzane dellal dance centre, yehieli 5, tell Aviv



Early bird for SONJE is until the 1st of November.



Sonjé Mayo In Israel at Orly Oren Classic Pilates Studio

Workshop Agenda

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

I Have A Client With Backache Workshop

Pilates teachers are constantly approached by clients with back ache, whether it be non-specific or ‘post physical therapy’ for specific back pathology.

The objective of this workshop is to review the anatomy of the spine, look at some common pathologies in a general way so that teachers are more familiar with them. Most important, the course will aid Pilates teachers on how to deal with chronic low back pain of an unspecific or general nature.

The workshop does not qualify Pilates teachers to diagnose or to work with acute back issues. Clients recovering from back pathology will need permission to exercise from their doctor or physical therapist.



Thursday, February 7th, 2019

Working Successfully with Scoliosis Workshop

We as Pilates’ instructors are always faced with clients with special needs. It’s all about getting them moving and keeping them healthy. Bridge the gap from physical therapy to full function with scoliosis. This workshop by Schroth certified physical therapist and Peak Pilates Master Instructor, Sonje Mayo, will provide a deeper perspective and comprehension of the spine and the condition of scoliosis. This workshop will give you the onfidence to use the tools you already have to assess and work within the Pilates system so you may provide effective instruction for challenging clients with scoliosis.



Friday, February 8th, 2019

The Vertical Pelvis on the Tower/ Cadillac Workshop

Participants will receive a certificate of participation and a relevant booklet. The initial body scan gives a teacher a lot of information, particularly the position of the pelvis. Pilates is designed to correct and balance the body, but that can be a lengthy process. Weakness and inflexibility require incisive attention and client awareness early in the training.

The Tower/Cadillac workout has developed as an invaluable method of strengthening, lengthening and focusing the client on their particular needs. The correct neural connection can then be applied to the Mat and Reformer, which will facilitate the flow.

Everyone needs a vertical pelvis to function efficiently and this workshop will take a critical look at how to achieve that essential aspect of the Pilates method.

Dealing with Osteoporosis Workshop

Participants will receive a certificate of participation and a relevant booklet. This 2 hour workshop will cover the causes and consequences of the "silent disease", known as osteoporosis. Not all exercise is appropriate for people with osteoporosis due to the fragility of their vertebrae. Learn about the optimal exercises and life changes that are required to live with osteoporosis.



Sunday, February 10th, 2019

"Refine and Refresh" Workshop

Participants will receive a certificate of participation and a relevant booklet. Pilates teachers constantly need to be motivated and inspired. Dealing with a busy studio often leads to complacency and boring repetitive teaching. Teachers also tend to neglect their personal practice due to lack of time or motivation. “In order to teach, you have to do it and feel it” is one of Joseph Pilates’ many mantras. This course aims to further develop the teacher’s eye. Learning to identify and focus on the client’s particular needs provides a teaching challenge and encourages the teacher to make use of all the valuable accessory Pilates equipment available.



About Sonjé Mayo

Sonjé Mayo was born in South Africa in 1945. After certifying as a physical therapist at the University of Cape Town, her career as a professional dancer took her to the USA in 1965 where she studied jazz dance initially with Luigi and then contemporary dance at the Martha Graham School. Ms. Graham insisted her students take class with Joseph Pilates and Sonjé followed her advice. The many Pilates sessions she had with Joseph Pilates, his wife Clara and Romana Kryzanowska proved to have a profound influence on Sonjé’s future.

During the four years she spent working as a dancer in NYC, Sonjé danced with the Alvin Ailey Company and this experience in particular inspired her to return to South Africa to pioneer modern dance in her country. On her return to South Africa in 1972, Sonjé formed the first multi-racial modern dance company in the history of South Africa, JAZZART, which is still in existence in Cape Town.

Sonje’s unique style of blending contemporary dance with African dynamics, became her trademark and led to worldwide acclaim for JAZZART. During the 70’s and 80’s Sonjé’s protest choreography brought the plight of Apartheid to audiences in and out of South Africa.

Sonjé returned to the USA in 1995 and settled in Nashville where her husband was offered a post at Vanderbilt University. In 2003 she retired from dance and returned to Pilates on a full time basis. Sonjé runs her own studio, the Pilates Atelier, in Nashville, where she has been teaching for 10 years.


Sonjé Mayo | Pilates Atelier

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Orly Oren's studio in Israel and since its' establishment in 2008 by Orly Oren it has been fully equipped with Gratz. Orly's students are men and women between the ages of 16 and 75 in various skill levels and health conditions. Many of her advanced students today came with acute health problems - postural disorders, pains and orthopedic injuries. But once they started working with Gratz Pilates equipment they saw their condition improve.


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