Session #1 Advanced Teaching Seminar with Clare Dunphy

Pilates Continuing Education

April 17-19th, 2020

  1. Sessions meet at the following times: Friday’s 9a-5p
    Saturday’s 9a-5p
    Sunday’s 9a-3p

    (Above dates are subject to change)

Location: 150 5th Avenue Brookyln NY 11217


Phone: (718) 622-6222


The Advanced Teaching Seminar is a course designed for comprehensive certified teachers looking to expand their knowledgebase of the Pilates system and its application to particular individuals. The seminar is divided into three, 3-day sessions that will take place over the course of one year.

Curriculum Overview:

  • Exercise clarification on all apparatus
  • Variations and modifications for select populations
  • Lesson design that progresses toward specific goals
  • Working with athletes including runners, swimmers, cyclists, golfers
  • Fine-tuning your eye and prioritizing corrections
  • Master your teaching skills by refining your cueing and touch techniques

If you are interested in registering for the Advanced Seminar, download the 2020 application packet here.

About Clare Dunphy

About Clare Dunphy

Through her own experience and her decades of teaching the Pilates system, Clare Dunphy Hemani has developed expertise in preparing clients for hip replacement surgery and helping them recover full function post op. As she shares her wealth of knowledge, participants will build their toolbox for working with clients going through this delicate and challenging time. Posture, biomechanics, firing patterns and injury prevention will be covered in this informative and useful, confidence building workshop. Clare will also be available for Private and Group instruction the day before the workshop at BodyTonic. Your link for more information.