Sean P. Galangher in Israel


Date: Sunday & Monday November 17 & 18, 2019

Location: Orly Oren the Classical Pilates Studio suzzane dellal center in TLV- ISRAEL

Phone: 972-523697174



Registration information:
 early bird 9th of October 2019
1 workshop 1100 nis
2 days workshop 2035 nis

After 10th of October 2019
1 day workshop 1550 nis
2 days workshop 2950 nis 


Understanding the Body in front of you “What you can change and what you can not” as a pilates teacher

orly oren the classical pilates studio in TLV will host Sean P. Galangher for 2 workshops. Pilates instructors and P.T. Fitness Instructors are eligible participate.
In this full day workshop Sean will help you better understand the body and some of the natural laws that govern what we can change and what we cannot with exercises and the work of Joe Pilates.
Participants will learn how to teach their clients how to use foam rollers and rubber balls to actively release and stretch the dysfunctional myofascial trigger points and fascial planes force transmissions patterns that are endemic in the human structure.
the studio is fully equiped with grats since his establishment from 2008. 

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About Orly Oren

Orly Oren, a Pilates instructor since 1998. started her career as a dancer and then continued for her athletic trainer studies at the Wingate institute. She established her own studio at 2008 and has been managing and teaching Pilates since then.
Her studio is located at the old NEVE TSEDEK, TLV- a neighborhood known for its beautiful and romantic atmosphere. The classical studio also provides rehabilitation, fitness, and Pilates training programs.
The studio is fully equipped with Gratz equipment.