Gloria Gasperi And Murat Berkin Workshop at Pilates B


Pilates International Workshop with Murat Berkin & Gloria Gasperi at Pilates B

We are happy to announce the next international workshop presenters at Pilates B studio in Lyngby – Murat Berkin & Gloria Gasperi! Come to be inspired and to learn the Work by 2 of a few in the world whom has finished “The Work” by Jay Grimes



Date: November 17th - 19th, 2017

Location: Pilates B, Nørregade 5, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark

Phone: 45 87 06 48





Friday, November 17th 2017

  • Individuals / Window: Murat Berkin & Sara Schytz
  • “Pushes and pulls on the mat” Workshop: Murat Berkin
  • “The Double Leg Stretch” Workshop: Gloria Gasperi
  • “Mat work – feel the pushes and pulls in a flowing workout” Master Class: Murat Berkin

Saturday, November 18th 2017

  • “Morning Mat work” Master Class: Murat Berkin
  • “Imbalances” – Workshop: Murat Berkin
  • “Working The Studio System” – The home Reformer”: Gloria Gasperi
  • “Wunda chair – The home Reformer”: Murat Berkin
  • “The full Mat work in flow” Master Class: Gloria Gasperi

Sunday, November 19th 2017

  • “Wake-up Mat work” Master Class: Gloria Gasperi
  • “The Cadillac” – Workshop: Gloria Gasperi



About Murat Berkin

Murat Berkin is a former chief dancer for the State Opera and Ballet company of Turkey. He began his Pilates career in 2006 and then opened the only Classical Pilates studio, Murat Berkin Pilates Studio in Istanbul, Turkey. Murat has trained with Jay Grimes, 1st Generation Teacher and for the last three years he has traveled all over the world giving lectures and conferences with him.

Murat's strong focus and commitment to the Pilates method is the reason behind the Classical Pilates Conference. The annual conference provides support for Pilates instructors and brings awareness to the instruction of the Pilates Method in Turkey.

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About Gloria Gasperi

I met Pilates for the first time in 1999 in Boston. I used to teach fitness and sports and, being there on vacation, I decided to try a mat class. I couldn’t understand immediately, but from the very first time, I felt something special in this work, a special connection, and a great desire to understand more! At the time, I couldn’t find a Classical Pilates school in Italy, so I started studying with Peak in Holland. I completed my path by receiving a Comprehensive Certification in Boston with Clare Dunphy, founder and instructor of Progressive Bodyworks.

My Pilates life reached a new level 5 years ago when I began studying with Jay Grimes and Sandy Shimoda at Vintage Pilates in Los Angeles. I love Jay’s philosophy on The Work. He says, “You can’t teach Pilates. You can only guide people to find it in their own body.” Well, Jay is really unique in that and he has total respect for The Work Joe Pilates himself taught him! Sandy is an amazing teacher and leader to guide a great place where everybody can go and experience the original Work!

I have completed their selective program called “The Work” and I’m currently attending “Teaching The Work”. For this special program, Jay personally selects 12 people from all over the world and teaches them Joe’s philosophy and method. I am honored and glad to be part of this lucky group with my amazing colleagues.

I have a degree in Movement Sciences and I always find it incredible how all the things I’ve studied perfectly match my own body’s experience in Pilates. Pilates is more than gymnastics to me. It’s really a magical experience that changes your body, your mind, and elevates your spirit. When I am teaching, I pass down all my passion, experience, and respect for the original, universal work. I always focus on giving something special to anyone in front of me.

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About Pilates B

Our vision is to create a studio with high ceilings for people who want good and effective training and a place for you there is a director and seek inspiration in the form of international workshops and daily training with an experienced and qualified instructor.

We heartily welcome all - across the background and education and puts joy in the high seat when trained. With us are trained focused and controlled, and there is a team of all. We organize individual training based on your assumptions, ambitions and requirements. You are welcome, whether you are elite athlete, need rehabilitation or you just want to get started with a more active life.

We put emphasis on responsibility, integrity and quality, and the teaching is classic Pilates. We are all well trained and professional and goes high up in our profession. We train all even many times a week and finds great joy and pleasure in it. We participants in the various workshops, master classes and even takes private lessons to keep the standard. This joy and ability for contemplation, we want to pass on to you.

Our passion is classic Pilates and that is what we master the full. We care that the original order, rhythm and flow of Joseph H. Pilates is recognized and followed, exercises are performed correctly in relation to biomechanics, breathing is natural and taught with heart and brain.

Professionalism, honesty, responsibility and trust, it is important for us when we train with you.

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