LEAP With Bob Liekens At Nexa Pilates

LEAP With Bob Liekens At Nexa Pilates


Leap Into The Next Level Of Pilates Education With Bob Liekens

LEAP is the ultimate Pilates Continuing Education Program created and presented by Bob Liekens, teacher of teachers. Hosted by Nexa Pilates in New York City.

What Is Leap?
The LEAP program consists firstly of two 5-day seminars taught by Bob Liekens. The seminars contain all the archival exercises created by Joseph Pilates that are not taught in basic certifications. In a third section of training, Bob will observe presentations on the learned material.

Who Can Apply?
The LEAP program is for certified instructors with at least three years of teaching experience. The seminars will expand your Pilates knowledge, teach you more about the history of Joe, the equipment, and the exercises. It will allow you to dig deeper into the world of movement, applied anatomy, and movement principles.

This is a coveted opportunity to be trained and mentored by the world renowned instructor, BOB LIEKENS for the LAST TIME in the U.S.



Date: October 2nd - 12th, 2018

Cost: Reduced Price by September 1st, 2018

Information/Register:  goals@nexapilates.com

Location: Nexa Pilates And Fitness, 2271 Broadway, New York, NY, 10024

Phone: (212) 803 - 3323

Website: www.nexapilates.com

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About Bob Liekens

Originally from Belgium, Bob traveled to New York in 1983 to further explore his dance career. That same year he started his Pilates training at the original Pilates studio of Romana Kryzanowska. Three years later Romana invited him to start teaching at her studio, he has been teaching under her inspiration ever since. Starting in 1993, Bob was instrumental in the development of Romana’s Teacher Training program. He co-created the training manual and originated the current exam system.

Those years Bob also studied at the Graham Center for Contemporary Dance and, in 1991, became one of the first instructors certified in the technique. He taught at the school for two years. For more than twenty five years now, Bob has been teaching the Method, he has conducted Teacher Training seminars worldwide and has developed and taught Continuing Education programs both in the States and Internationally.(Source)

Bob Liekens Classical Pilates





About Nexa Pilates And Fitness

NEXA Pilates and Fitness offers elite level Pilates and fitness training to our upper west side clientele. Whatever goal our clients walk in the door with, we can help them to achieve it through our proven Pilates and fitness training methods. Each of our instructors joins the team with at least 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. They have worked with thousands of clients to help them develop the strong, lean and agile physique they’ve always wanted. Our primary focus in the studio is the Pilates Method taught by seasoned classically certified instructors with over 10 years of experience in the field. Beyond this, we also offer a range of fitness disciplines in a group class setting, including TRX, Kettle Bell, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Barre class, Zumba, and Dharma Yoga. Our methods consist of one-on- one training, using primarily the classical Pilates method, as well as an array of other fitness disciplines taught in a group setting to compliment Pilates sessions. Through a well-rounded, whole body approach to fitness,we help our clients reach their fitness goals.


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