Keion Moradi - "Less is More" at Strong Body Pilates

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Less is More Teachers Class

"Change happens through movement and movement heals." ~ Joe Pilates

Saturday March 21st, 2020 @ 1:30p - 3:00p

Location: Strong Body Pilates, 10660 Riverside Dr., Suite B Toluca Lake, CA 91602



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Are we letting our clients move?
Join Keion Moradi Means to uncover the value of selectively guiding your clients vs. micromanaging every move. Explore tips and tricks that offer support, encourage flow and progress and avoid over-correction.
Class is $50 and starts with a self-guided workout before we delve into the topic. Teachers and approved teacher apprentices from all backgrounds welcome. Space is limited. Reservation link:

About Strong Body Pilates

Strong Body Pilates is a traditional Pilates studio. We offer a distinct experience to help you uncover the benefits of Pilates through expert instruction and results-driven dedication to the original Pilates method.

Strong Body Pilates welcomes those from all walks of life. Our studio is led by highly respected teachers within the Pilates community and serves as a hub for aspiring instructors and certified teachers from all backgrounds looking to fine-tune their skills through continuing education