Jennifer DeLuca presenting Pilates at Wanderlust Stratton

Jennifer DeLuca presenting Pilates at Wanderlust Stratton

Left side of photo by Kylie Fly; right side by Julianne Lesninski

Pilates at Wanderlust Stratton

June 20th - 23rd, 2019

Location: 150 5th Avenue Brookyln NY 11217


Phone: (718) 622-6222



Pilates makes it way to Wanderlust this year! Jennifer DeLuca will be sharing her vast Pilates knowledge with the worldwide community of Wanderlust June 20th-23rd In Stratton, Vermont.  If you live in the Northeast, do not miss this chance to learn from this Gratz Ambassador and 2nd generation Pilates teacher. Jennifer is a special addition to the Wanderlust Community as a sought-after Pilates expert who brings joy and freedom to Pilates while maintaining its fine structure.  This is a 4-day festival that includes hiking, campfires, yoga and talks on health and well-being which are fantastic compliments to your Pilates practice. Visit: for more information on Wanderlust, Stratton and to read Jennifer's blog or listen to her podcast, BodyTonic Radio. If you are a studio owner, grab a chance to talk to biz while she's there! If you are in New York, you can always stop by BodyTonic for a class or session. You can email for more info.

Jennifer DeLuca

About Jennifer DeLuca

Few teachers represent the Pilates community as truthfully and fearlessly as Jennifer DeLuca.  She is the Founder, Director and CEO of BodyTonic, Inc., and a fierce advocate for preserving the legacy of Joseph H. Pilates. As a second generation Pilates teacher, certified through Romana Kryzanowska in 1996, she is part of an elite and historic lineage.  A native New Yorker, hailing originally from Queens, then Manhattan and now Brooklyn, Jennifer infamously avoids artifice and gimmick and is considered to be one of the most trusted and gifted mentors of the Pilates vanguard.  Jennifer is a lifelong student of movement, anatomy and all things related to the body.  She has training in dance through New York's prestigious High School for the Performing Arts and NYU, holds a yoga certification from the renown Cyndi Lee of OMyoga, has studied floor barre with the one and only Zena Rommett, as well as Anatomy and Kinesiology with Andre Bernard at NYU, Kinesthetic Anatomy with Irene Dowd and further Pilates Training with Roxanne Richards-Huang, Lesley Powell, Bob Liekens, and Enja Schenck.

Jennifer understands that when you walk into her studio and drop hundreds of dollars to study Pilates that you are serious and that you give a damn. Her greatest honor is that you have chosen BodyTonic Pilates Gymnasium to make a transformation.  The teachers at BodyTonic are the fortunate few that you have entrusted with your goal and Jennifer and her staff will do everything possible to meet you at this incredibly exciting place in your life. Your choice to focus on your health and your body inspires her every day and has done so since she opened BodyTonic in 1999.